Best Women’s Mountain Bike Shorts For 2023

Are you looking for the best women’s mountain bike shorts?

It is one of the gears that most riders are picky about while selecting their riding apparel.

Unfortunately, it is pretty challenging to get hold of the right piece. Most of the time, riders get hold of different pairs that fit differently. Some may be very small, some very short, and so on.

There is a big fit and size discrepancy among brands to make things worse.

So, to avail the best pair for every body type, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind.

I’ve put together this article to help make an informed decision about buying your women’s bike shorts.

Our Top Recommendations:

If you are in a hurry, don’t worry as we bring you our best product options. We recommend products that we use, so be assured that we choose the best for you.

Comparing Women’s Mountain Bike Shorts (Top 2 Choices)

Value For Money Premium Option
Product Terry Women's Fixie Padded Bike Short ZOIC Women's Cycling Shorts
Pros Great fit, brilliant closure, usable pockets, lightweight, agreeable Hook and Loop closure, 11-inch in-seam length for more excellent protection from the sun, ample pockets.
Cons Slightly expensive than other women’s bike shorts Not waterproof, the fit may not work for riders who prefer snug-fit shorts.
Construction Spandex, Nylon, Terry Polyester, Spandex
Chamois None Yes

Different Types of Mountain Biking Shorts For Women

Where do you get a kick out of the chance to ride your bike? Could it be said that you are doing laps on more limited neighborhood trails?

Taking off for epic the entire day undertakings? Or then again perhaps you like transporting laps or riding lifts at the bike park?

How you answer will direct which shorts you pick.

From an essential outlook, you can gather an off-road biking shorts as per riding style, environment, and landscape inclinations.

Trail types can be cross country, downhill, trail, enduro… the list will continue. We went down this dark hole, so you don’t need to.

Cross country riders regularly select tight-fitting spandex or lycra material shorts.

However, many pick loose shorts that are breathable, lightweight, and stretchy.

At the point when a chairlift is involved, or on the other hand, assuming that you’re tossing your bike toward the rear of a truck to ride transport laps, you are downhill mountain biking.

Therefore, you’ll need a more extended, thicker pair of shorts and perhaps a full-face protective cap, elbow, and kneepads.

How Should You Choose A Women’s Mountain Bike Shorts? (8 Factors To Consider)

Not sure what you ought to think about when gauging your choices?

The following are eight factors you should contemplate (and what we searched for when testing and assessing the shorts on this rundown).

1. Length:

The ideal length is generally an individual inclination. Most ladies incline toward a mid-length short. However, there are purposes behind picking more drawn-out or shorter shorts.

Longer shorts are best for enduro or downhill days since they fit over knee cushions and will not make a strange hole.

They likewise give additional insurance if you experience a crash.

More limited shorts can assist with keeping you cool on hot days and hold you back from getting the feared bike short tan lines.

2. Material:

Most trail-blazing bike shorts are produced using polyester and flexible materials like spandex, nylon, lycra, or elastane.

Assuming you need a short that extends a little while you pedal, make sure to search for ones that have a marginally higher level of stretchy material.

3. Chamois or without Chamois:

Before purchasing some shorts, please note whether or not it accompanies a chamois.

A few shorts have an underlying liner, others have a removable liner, and some come without a liner by any means.

Remember the expense of purchasing a different liner, assuming you like having a chamois.

4. Waistband:

Search for an adjustable belt. There isn’t anything more regrettable than having either a midriff band that is cutting into your stomach or that is hanging freely around your center.

Riders come in every single diverse shape, and we want bike shorts that are bound to oblige them.

A few belts change utilizing a velcro tie; others use a drawstring or buttons. We’re additionally truly burrowing the yoga-style waistband on the Shredly Curvy shorts.

5. Pockets:

Do you jump at the chance to fetch things in your shorts while riding?

Assuming this is the case.  Search for a short with many pockets. The Zoic Navaeh, for example, has a bunch of pockets, and they all have excellent zippers.

Then again, you may ride with a hydration pack and not have a lot of need for pockets. You may incline towards the Enduro shorts from Zoano with a solitary back zipper pocket.

6. Water Repellent Finish:

Some off-road bike shorts are planned with a solid water repellent finish if you ride in wet conditions.

If this is essential to you, verify whether a short has a climate-safe covering before purchasing.

7. Cost and Construction Quality:

Like most things in everyday life, you get what you pay for with regards to off-road bike shorts.

A decent quality short will be strong and sustain for a really long time, so I think it’s a good idea to pay a smidgen more.

To get a decent quality short, you don’t have to pay a fortune. Depending on your requirements you can choose from a variety of price range.

8. Measurement:

Bike short measuring can be out of control.

Large numbers of great brands have made shorts that are not too sympathetic to ladies who aren’t a size six or who have hips or more solid thighs.

But some brands have done a truly excellent job of making shorts that fit a broad scope of sizes and shapes.

Assuming you truly do pick a short that actions in S, M, and L, help yourself out and get out an estimating tape and really contrast your estimations with their size graph.

Best Women’s Mountain Bike Shorts For Comfort

Baleaf made a solid section into the mountain biking market with their multipurpose shorts for women.

While the look may not be for everybody, these shorts are a moderate’s fantasy.

These essential shorts highlight a lightweight, breathable, and quick dry nylon fabric, elasticized waistband, and two easy-to-reach zipper pockets for your cell phone or other tiny essentials.

No creases, mass, or cross-section; it is one of the most straightforward patterns you can opt for.

There is, nonetheless, fantastic stretch and great inclusion from a nice texture that is so lightweight you may fail to remember you are wearing shorts.

While we didn’t encounter any solidness issues with the Baleaf women’s shorts during the testing time frame, these wouldn’t be our best option for super-rough paths or those with a ton of brush.

The light texture won’t also shield from scratches, jabs, or hard crashes.

In addition, the lesser seam length may not hide your legs entirely from the sun, but the covered area will be under UV protection.

Best Women’s Mountain Bike Shorts For Stretchability

Assuming you are searching for a functional off-road bike short at a sensible value, investigate the Zoic Navaeh.

This model has been around for some time, albeit the current variant has decent updates.

They are very lovely pair of shorts, with four-way stretch and excellent breathability, offering great value for money.

They are particularly eminent for their plenty of zippered pockets – four!- so riders that like to journey without a pack will see the value in every one of the spots to pack and store gels, snacks, keys, phone, and other trail necessities.

We tried only the external shorts, however, Zoic likewise sells the Naveah with a cushioned liner at a slight expansion in price.

The midriff change comprises old-school outside velcro change tabs that add extra mass to the belt, even though they are successful at dialing in a solid match.

While not water-safe, the Navaeh shorts are very lightweight and an incredible decision for riding in the late spring or hotter environments. They are a workhorse short that gives a decent cost to execution proportion.

Best Women’s Mountain Bike Shorts For Style And Looks

Are you searching for somewhat more style and charisma in your trail-blazing bike shorts without forfeiting practical highlights?

The main thing you notice about the Anivivo collection is the extremely fun ensembles that effectively move from the path to the brewpub.

You will forever don the particular shorts on the trail due to their vogue look.

Past looking great, the shorts perform all around well. These shorts are outfitted with a handy zippered side pocket, just as two hand pockets and a long enough inseam to shield you from the bush and scraped spots.

With a combination of 20% nylon and 20% spandex, the shorts do a great job absorbing sweat and moisture. Hence, you can worry less about stickiness while riding.

The shorts are ideal for a long-time ride, as it is attached to a 4d gel pad that can prevent discomforts while riding.

The wind-proof anti-slip belt is another feature that helps in reducing friction.

Best Multipurpose Mountain Bike Shorts For Women (2 Best Options)

Truly agreeable and lightweight shorts that fit well, have incredible pockets, and look great on and off the bike.

With a superb, execution fit, insightful ventilation, and amazing pocket plan, I was unable to be more joyful with these exclusive bike short.

They are lightweight and have a long enough inseam to shield from the sun on warm days. These shorts are ideal for long rides when you need to be out for a really long time.

In the event that we have an objection, it’s the somewhat repressed shadings offered.

Yet they in all actuality do go with everything. They have a moderate cut, so make certain to check the measuring cautiously.

Made of nylon, spandex, and terry, the shorts have an elastic closure and come with a comfortable chamois. 

It offers a larger number of sizes than most, so most riders will actually want to fit in these shorts.

The Salomon women’s trail cargo short for women is loaded with insightful subtleties and highlights that make wearing them a joy.

The mtb shorts is both lightweight and breathable, giving a significant degree of solace and pedal-friendliness.

The midriff change framework is low-profile and simple to utilize, and the pockets are very much planned and simple to get to.

With additional ventilation, I particularly liked these shorts on long, sweltering rides when I really wanted inclusion from the sun and alleviation from the hotness.

These cargo shorts look as great as they ride, with perfect, unbalanced lines that fit in similarly as on the bike.

The  shorts have a baggy fit that makes riding in it a cozy experience. With several sizes to browse, be that as it may, most riders ought to have the option to see as a pleasant fit.

While the lightweight and moisture-wicking material is entirely agreeable and pedal-accommodating, it doesn’t furnish the best security from experiences with trailside snags.


Now you can narrow down the perfect mountain biking shorts that will suit you best.

Of course, various factors such as weather, terrain preferences, and other personal needs will be playing a role in the best women’s mountain bike shorts that you select.

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