Real Vs. Fake Pit Viper Sunglasses: What Should I buy?

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Pit Vipers are known for their style, features, and adaptability to mountain biking.

Unfortunately, like any other famous brand, it has become difficult for buyers to distinguish between real vs. fake pit viper sunglasses.

Spoiler Alert: Many Pit Viper look-a-likes are dominating the market.

In this blog post I shall help share key factors which shall help you to differentiate between the real and fake Pit Vipers.

My aim is to help my fellow mountain bikers make a good choice when they are buying the pit viper sunglasses.

Lets Get Started!

Real Vs. Fake Pit Viper Glasses (3 Things To Check First)

On their official website, Pit Viper puts forward three important things to check for first if you are planning to buy an original pair of Pit Vipers.

1. Design Elements

Real Pit Vipers have a horizontal bar present at the top, at the center-point of the forward-facing side of the lens.

If you don’t find this horizontal bar, it is pretty likely that you are looking at a pair of fake Pit Vipers.

Tiny tabs at the front wrap around the corners of original Pit Viper lenses. The absence of these tabs can tell you that the glasses are counterfeit.

2. Serial Code:

The character code that you find on the inside of Pit Viper sunglass arms can tell you whether it is accurate or fake.

The serial code of pit viper glasses typically consists of 5-13 characters, followed by CE.

Every code on original Pit Viper sunglasses encompasses a secret message.

For example, if you find a code that starts with 1776, the product belongs to the Absolute Freedom line.

And something like 3N3RG1Z3R would indicate that it is from the Energizer model.

3. Sales Claim:

The makers of Pit Vipers have high regard for their products, and they usually do not offer unbelievable sales.

So, if you come across a sales claim that appears too good to be true, there is no harm in suspecting it to be fake.

How To Spot Real Vs. Fake Pit Viper Glasses (Video Explainer)

Spotting Real Pit Viper Glasses From Fake Ones

Benefits of Using Real Pit Vipers

Are original Pit Vipers really worth it?

I find this question very subjective, as it depends on what you expect from the product.

Even though I do not see it ethical to make counterfeits of a product, the truth is that there is high demand for counterfeits in the market.

People who buy original Pit Vipers do not bother about spending on them.

Below are eight benefits of using original Pit Viper sunglasses.

  • They come with three-point adjustment system. To learn more, review this how to adjust pit viper guide.
  • They offer wide range of fit.
  • They provide optimized comfort.
  • They come with amazing safety features.
  • Offer superior UV protection.
  • Comes with advanced wind bucking ability.
  • Helps maintain great peripheral vision.
  • Comes with a variety of tints that are meant for different light conditions.

12 FAQs About Pit Viper Sunglasses

1. Where should you buy original pit viper sunglasses?

If you are looking for real Pit Vipers, you have to look for them on their official website i.e. ““.

Pit Vipers have also mentioned few partner websites from where you can buy original sunglasses.

2. Why are Pit Vipers considered good quality?

Pit Vipers are known for their comfort features, which include the fit and adjustment.

Those who have used real Pit Vipers once would never opt for fake ones due to the disparity in performance.

3. What are the different types of Pit Viper sunglasses

Not everyone is aware of the fact that Pit Vipers offer a lot more products than just sunglasses.

For example, while the polarized glasses cater to the sunglass category, they also have low-light glasses that help in riding better in low-light conditions.

Pit Vipers are available in the following styles:

  • The 2000s.
  • The Originals.
  • The Ellipticals.
  • The Brapstrap.
  • The Intimidators.
  • The Pit Viper Xs.
  • The Baby Vipers.
  • The Exciters.
  • The Grand Prix.
  • The Goggles.

4. Are Pit Viper sunglasses made in China?

Pit Viper sunglasses are typically made in China. You will find this information on authentic sunglasses.

While replica makers usually hesitate to print “Made In China” on them.

This is one thing to look out for when you are worried about real vs. fake Pit Vipers.

5. Are Pit Viper sunglasses safety glasses?

As per their website, authentic Pit Viper sunglasses are Z871+ safety rated.

They are meant to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

6. Are Pit Viper sunglasses waterproof?

Genuine Pit Viper sunglasses may stay on the surface of the water for a few seconds, but do not expect them to float.

If dropped in water, it would eventually sink, and one must always be cautious not to lose it in water.

7. Can Pit Viper sunglasses stand salt water?

Like most other polarized sunglasses, Pit Viper sunglasses may also get damaged when used in salt water.

So while you can use them in non-salty water, it is better to avoid them when you go to the ocean.

8. Do Pit Viper sell sunglasses for babies?

Pit Viper Baby Vipers are exclusively for babies and small faces. Needless to say, they look cute on any baby.

So why should elders have all the fun?

Babies indeed have great fun wearing them and posing for really cool pictures like their moms and dads.

9. Are the Pit Viper 2000s polarized?

The 2000s is among the extensive collection that Pit Viper offers in their sunglasses.

Currently, they have around 50 models in the 2000s collection, and all of them are not polarized.

While there are polarized sunglasses that belong to the collection, they also offer photochromic, clear, and ballistic glasses as well.

10. Are Pit Viper sunglasses bulletproof?

Specific models in the actual Pit Viper collections, such as the Ballistic, are claimed to be bulletproof at a certain distance and speed.

11. Are Pit Vipers Z87 rated?

If you are too concerned about the differences between real vs. fake Pit Viper sunglasses, this is one thing to look out for.

Genuine Pit Viper sunglasses are Z87 rated, while fake ones may not be.

Z87 is an ANSI standard that is bound to meet the high impact requirements of CSA Z94.

In addition, the lenses are made of polycarbonate material and are adept at blocking 99.9% of UV rays of the sun.

12. Should I get a pair of real or fake Pit Vipers?

A fake product can never take the place of the original.

However, there are people who find fake Pit Vipers to be much worthier than the real ones.

So if you are too concerned about the price, there is no harm in trying out the fake ones first.

If you are comfortable with it, you can go ahead and use it for some time until you are ready to upgrade to the real ones.


I hope this article has been helpful in understanding better about Pit Viper sunglasses and will help you in spotting the differences between real vs. fake Pit Viper sunglasses.

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