Your Guide To Find The Perfect Nose Piece For Pit Vipers & More

As the saying goes, “Out of sight is out of mind”, but not so in the case of nosepieces.

You lose them, and you’ll have trouble using your favorite mountain biking sunglasses.

Your mind will keep reminding you of the comfort those little pieces of rubber on either side of your nose gave you.

Suppose you’ve come here looking for a pair of nose piece for Pit Vipers or a nosepiece for any other branded sunglasses.

In that case, it is pretty likely that you may have lost or damaged the old ones and are already experiencing the trouble of not having one.

Some feelings are universal, and so are the feelings for sunglass nosepieces. But why are they so important?

Because they help your glasses sit on your nose without sliding down.

Nosepieces provide comfort to the wearer while riding a mountain bike or doing any other activity.

However, not all sunglasses have nose pads, and it’s perfectly alright to use them if you find them more comfortable for you.

But the fact is, most people find sunglasses with nose pads more comfortable.

And hence, it is essential to know where and which nosepieces would best suit your mountain biking sunglasses.

Nose Piece For Pit Vipers (10 Best Choices)

Technology-advanced sunglasses such as the Pit Vipers can help in significantly reduce eye strain and eye fatigue, allowing the mountain bike rider to enjoy the ride throughout.

However, like with any other sunglasses, you may come across the need to find a replacement nose piece for Pit Vipers too.

Unfortunately, when I checked for a nosepiece for pit viper online, I could not find any that were sold directly by the brand.

Still, interestingly there were about 10 replacement nose pieces that I could find were compatible with Pit Vipers.

Below is my curated list.

Mycourag’s nose piece would suit several editions of Oakley M Frame glasses, such as Sweep, Heater, Hybrid and Strike.

However, they would not be compatible with Oakley’s Si 2.0 and M2 frames.

Focusing on the durability and quality, these nose pieces exceeds ANSI Z80.3 and EN 1836:2005 standards.

This nosepiece can go well with Pit Viper sunglasses too.

This nose piece made to go with Oakley M Frame would also be compatible with Pit Viper sunglasses.

The natural rubber used to make the nose pieces are top-notch and displays excellent workmanship.

The nose pads are durable and skin-friendly.

They help prevent the glasses from sliding away even when you are riding your bike, drenched in sweat.

However, Eye-Opening Stuff disclaims its association with either of the brands.

It explains that even though they make products compatible with specific brands, they are not in any way directly associated with Oakley or Pit Viper.

These nose pieces will go well with Pit Vipers, since it is common for Oakley M Frame nose pads to be used on Pit Viper sunglasses as well.

The material used to make the nose pads are silicone rubber, which can give an oomph to the look of your sunglasses.

In addition, the makers claim that even though they are not directly associated with any of the brands, this nose piece would provide 100% satisfaction and offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Galaxy Lense store, apart from replacement nose pieces for sunglasses, also offer lenses that are capable of blocking the harmful UV rays and with anti-glare features.

It is essential to protect our eyes from the UV rays since the harmful rays are capable of damaging the retina and could cause blindness in the long run.

These nose pieces from High precision optics are made to go with the Pit Vipers as well as with Oakley’s M2 frames.

To be specific, these are intended for use as replacement nosepieces for Pit Vipers and Oakley M2 frame’s Regular, XL, and Asian fit XL categories.

These super comfortable nose pieces are made of soft rubber silicone raw material.

The packages if bought online consists of two nosepieces.

Available in gray and black colors, you can buy these and choose to return them if you are not satisfied with the purchase.

While we’ve seen some nosepieces that are compatible with Pit Vipers and Oakley M frames, there are some Oakley frames that have been left out, and Oakley Juliet is one among them.

This nose piece from Myrork make great replacements with a 100% guarantee for 365 days in case of any defect found.

The makers of the nose piece claim that the product meets and exceeds the safety standards of impact resistance.

Team Myrork assures good quality products to their clients and is committed to keeping up to their trust.

Once bought, the package includes two nose pieces.

Coming from Behline, a popular supplier of eye-care products, this nose piece consists of metal in the interior region and silicone in the exterior.

Saddle bridge glasses are those that do not put the entire weight of the glasses on the nose pads; and instead, it spreads the weight across a larger area.

Saddle bridges glasses typically require low maintenance, due to their nature of being fixed at a point.

However, it is always recommendable to change the nose piece after prolonged use as they may begin to show signs of a misfit.

The Behline saddle bridge nose pad is made to ensure that the glasses do not hurt the wearer and give a comfortable experience to the wearer.

Made of silicone material, the nose piece stops and provides a snug fit to the glasses, preventing them from sliding off the nose.

In addition, makers claim that the extra soft material used in the making of the nose piece ensures that they do not leave any impressions on the wearer’s nose.

The curvature and width of the nose piece are adjustable and are used for sunglasses used in various outdoor activities, including mountain biking.

Once purchased, the package contains one nose pad piece, and Behline offers 30 days return in case of any issues with the product.

These nose pieces are made by BlazerBuck for Pit Vipers and Oakley’s Crossrange frame series.

However, the makers claim that these nose pieces are not compatible with Oakley M frame sunglasses.

Made of soft silicone rubber, the nose piece is safe to use and offers optimal performance.

This is a nose-piece replacement specifically from Impresa Products.

They claim that they provide nose pieces with exact fit for all Maui Jim and Martini Sport sunglasses, except for the Sunset model.

They advise checking the model thoroughly before making the purchase.

Impresa offers two pairs of nose pieces and assures that they are not like other generic nose pieces but are made to exactly fit the above-mentioned branded sunglasses.

The makers of the nose piece also claim to keep your glasses secure and safe while riding the mountain bike.

The package contains two pairs of nose pieces, so, in case you lose a pair, you still have one more pair to save your glasses from sliding off.

Installing the nose pads onto the glasses is as easy as pie; you just have to push the nose piece onto the glasses, the groove side facing the nose.

This product, intended as a replacement for the Oakley M frame, could be a suitable nosepiece for Pit Vipers, too, since typically, both the sunglasses require nose pieces of similar size and shape.

Available in black color, the nose piece is made of Revant Maxgrip, which is adept at keeping the sunglasses secure on the nose.

The nose pieces are also compatible with the Revant replacement lenses.

However, these won’t be appropriate for Oakley glasses that do not belong to the M frame series.

Even though these nose pieces are not original nose pieces from the Oakley brand, some users have reviewed that they are far better than the original ones.

Replacement nosepieces made by Qyajs are soft and made of Silicone material.

It is very easy to fix the nose pad onto the sunglasses: just push it in, slide it, and fix it without any screws.

The nosepiece is of 17 mm in length.

The package consists of three pairs of nosepieces, and the price that you pay is really worth it.

The nose pads are expected to provide maximum comfort to the wearer.

You can focus on tackling the trails without being worried about the glasses sliding away from your nose.

Final Thoughts

With all the nosepieces listed here, you must be wondering why Oakley sunglasses are so popular? Is it just the hype, or are Oakley sunglasses worth it?

Apparently, Oakley sunglasses consist of lenses made using high-definition optics.

This ensures better clarity, sharpness, and accuracy while seeing through the sunglasses.

This is exactly the reason why Oakley sunglasses are as popular as Pit Viper sunglasses among mountain bikers and other sports enthusiasts.

I hope the nose piece for Pit Vipers that I listed above serve as good choices for you to buy, should you need to choose reliable nose pieces  for your mountain biking glasses.

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