Mountain Bike Helmet With Chin Guard: (8 Best Options For 2023)

Are you here looking for the best mountain bike helmet with chin guard?

Then, you’ve come to the right place, as here I’ll be presenting you with some of the most sought-after mtb helmets with chin guards for you to consider.

While there is a myriad of options available, I have tried to choose the ones that are more convenient to use and give excellent protection.

Comparison of Helmets (Top 2 Choices)

Best Technology Value For Money
Product BELL Super DH MIPS Demon Podium
Chin Guard Removable Not Removable
Ventilation Excellent Excellent

8 Best Mountain Bike Helmet With Chin Guard (Descriptive Review)

This mountain bike helmet with chin guard from Bell stands out with its polycarbonate shell and progressive layering, along with several other features.

The process of fusion-in molding ensures that the helmet’s outer shell is well bonded with the EPS foam liner, resulting in a sturdier helmet.

In addition, progressive layering provides EPS foam of various densities to create a highly impact-resistant lining.

The flex spherical and MIPS features are intended to address impacts of many kinds- such as low-speed impact, high-speed impact, and rotational impact.

The helmet offers excellent ventilation, which is a bonus that comes with the spherical flex design.

In addition, the chin guard or chin bar, which is removable, makes the helmet highly compatible for trail riding.

However, one must read the manual carefully before installing or removing the chin guard, as they are capable of causing injuries or even death.

The helmet incorporates materials with quick-drying properties, with actual silver fibers.

Long rides in the sun would be made more comforting with the sweat guide pad, which effectively wicks moisture away from the eyewear and, most importantly, the brow pad.

Do not worry about the fit, as the seamless rubber over-molded dial adjustment is not only comfortable to use but also offers excellent security to the wearer.

The over-brow ventilation feature is my favorite, as it brings in cool air and is expelled through the air-channel matrix, offering full-head ventilation.

The visor system is adaptable and acclimates to both goggles and glasses.

The camera mount is commendably seamless and is interestingly engineered to break away in case of a severe crash in order to avoid injury.

This helmet is available in different sizes, and for the best fit, the makers recommend measuring the head size and ordering one that suits your measurement.

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Giro Switchblade Helmet is made for adults and is made of a polycarbonate outer shell.

Mainly intended for the enduro and downhill mountain biking, this helmet is capable of resisting impacts efficiently.

This helmet can be your best friend whether you are out on Slickrock or want to try some new techniques.

This full-face helmet comes with a chin guard that can take your safety to the next level.

The chin guard is removable, and hence you can opt to wear your helmet without it when you are riding on much smoother terrain, and the need for extra safety measures are slight.

Known for its Roc Loc Air system, Giro has incorporated the feature in this mtb helmet as well.

The wind tunnel system is something that no rider would turn down, and it can be accessed with the removal of the chin guard.

The air fit system provided in the Switchblade series is slightly modified to meet the downhill standards.

It has a bumper that keeps the dial from moving unintentionally when it gets in contact with the body armor or the pack.

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While Troy Lee has a vast collection of mountain biking helmets, this one is one of the most sought after.

Due to the lesser price range that it falls into many mountain bikers feel it to be value for money.

The helmet has a composite shell, a pro-active collarbone impact system, and excellent chin bar shock pads.

Your rides in the sun can be made more cooling with the 24 vents that are provided on the helmet.

The precision in creating this helmet would remind you of their D3 helmet model.

The aerospace design and sturdiness of the shell are achieved in 1050 grams, with no compromise on its strength.

An additional layer of coverage is added for better impact resistance using the MIPS C2 system.

The helmet is available in three shell sizes and three EPS sizes.

The comfort liner can be removed and washed, which makes it more user–friendly.

Troy Lee Designs proudly uphold the forty-year legacy of accompanying the fastest racers in the world with this exceptional helmet for mountain biking.

The lightweight helmet is a go-to for its excellent making and beautiful design.

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With the outer shell made using polycarbonate material, this mountain biking helmet with a chin guard is designed to be lightweight.

But the sturdiness and impact resistance is not compromised upon while achieving a lighter weight for the helmet.

With the reputed DOT certification for safety, the unisex helmet is EPS padded, with a liner and chin guard that can be easily detached and washed.

If you are a fan of well-ventilated helmets, this one is for you.

This helmet offers nine vents for air intake and four exhausts- aren’t they enough to keep your head cooler on a bright sunny day?

Well, the ventilation can also help keep fatigued at bay, offering a more enjoyable ride along those dirt tracks.

The sun visor is adjustable at a maximum range, which is indeed adept at providing protection from the sun.

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Here comes another DOT certified helmet which focuses on improving the safety of the riders.

Made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material, the ILM mtb helmet is made to last longer.

The lightweight helmet has a top-notch aerodynamic system that provides maximum ventilation to the rider.

This helmet comes with inner pads are detachable and hence can be washed and used.

While the visor is a great addition, you can choose to go visor-free, thanks to the detachable feature that this helmet comes with.

What’s more?

The sun shields are detachable too, just rotate the screws to attach or detach the shield.

This helmet is made specifically for youth and adults and is not suitable for small children.

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If safety is your priority, I recommend that you check out this beautiful helmet from Demon Podium.

This helmet is made of polycarbonate outer material and offers value for money with its superior features.

The well-ventilated helmet is unisex and can be used on varied types of terrains.

This helmet comes with chin guards that provide protection, and the liner is removable and washable.

With a great fit, this lightweight helmet has a jaw protector that can save yourself some dentist visits in case of a crash.

Even though the chin guard is not removable, it can be used sparingly in summer, too, all credit to the excellent ventilation that it encompasses.

This full-face helmet with chin bar is certified to USA CPSC standards.

If you don’t like giant helmets covering your face and looking like a demon, this helmet is slim and appealing, quite contrary to the name.

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If you are a downhill or enduro enthusiast, this Smith Mainline helmet is a must-have gear to keep you safe and comfortable.

The ultra-light helmet is constructed to withstand impact and is hence, solid and sturdy.

The helmet provides coverage that is downhill certified so that you can tackle technical trails without much concern over safety.

The MIPS protective layer is the most outstanding feature of this helmet, which is capable of easing severe impacts.

The adjustable visor protects your eyes from direct sunlight so that you won’t experience eye fatigue and eyestrain during long rides.

Protecting your eyes against fatigue caused by long bike riding is also equally important. 

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Well, it is not just adults who are into mountain biking, but some smart kids too.

Here’s a vibrant-looking helmet that is made to safeguard your child on their mini-trips on the trail.

This helmet from Rock Bros is lightweight and made of a polycarbonate outer shell.

This helmet comes with an inner liner which is soft and can be removed for washing.

This helmet’s EPS foam is dense, making it highly impact-resistant for the bikers.

This helmet absorbs shock well and offers various levels of protection. It is CE Certified for safety.

With ample vents, your child will not feel suffocated inside the helmet.

Designed to safeguard the cervical spine, this helmet can be made into half-face or full-face, depending on your child’s need.

By pressing a button, the chin guard can be easily removed, which will allow the child to be more at ease during leisure rides.

Available in multiple sizes, this helmet is made to suit children in the age range of 3 to 15.

The helmet consists of a 360-degree adjustable buckle, with which adjustment is made easy.

This kid’s mountain bike helmet with a chin bar can be used for multiple occasions, such as while skating, riding a scooter, skateboarding, rollerblading, and so on.

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Final Conclusion

I hope I’ve made your search for a mountain bike helmet with a chin guard easier with this list of products available online.

These recommendations have been handpicked, looking at the various options available online so that you can choose your favorite MTB helmet without any hassles.

I wish you a safe and happy ride!

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