Top 8 Mountain Bike Glasses For Night Riding In 2023

Has your search for the right mountain bike glasses for night riding brought you here?

If it’s been a long search, you already know how cumbersome it is to find the right mtb glasses for night riding.

With various types of mtb glasses available today, you may find yourself lost on this trail.

But worry not.

We have made the job easier for you. Here is a list of glasses that you can check out to make the best buy.

Mountain Bike Glasses For Night Riding (2 Best Options)

Best Seller Top Design
Brand Bertoni Smith Wildcat
Lens Material Polycarbonate Glass
Frame Material TR90 TPX- Lightweight Metal
Special Features Shatterproof lens, Decentered lens, Anti-Fog coating Anti-reflective coating, Wider field of view, Glass lenses, Hydrophobic lens coating, ChromaPop lens technology

8 Best Mountain Bike Glasses For Night Riding: Descriptive Review

Are you looking for mountain bike glasses for night riding that can be worn over your prescription glasses?

Then this one from LVIOE is made specially to meet your need.

These glasses can be worn all by themselves or comfortably over your prescription glasses for a clearer mountain bike riding experience during the night.

The ergonomic design, coupled with the high-performance lenses, makes the LVIOE glasses the perfect choice for riding in cloudy conditions.

The makers of the glasses claim that the yellow lenses can efficiently absorb most of the blue light.

This indicates that the clarity of vision at night would be at its best while also reducing eye fatigue.

However, the polarization is lower in the lenses, which allows better light transmission when compared to dark lenses. this feature makes it an exclusive night-driving glasses.

The best comfort feature is the wrap-around design that offers fuller vision, while the side lens enhances peripheral vision. The design is also considered to provide maximum protection to the eyes.

The design of the glasses also ensures that you can easily complement your prescription glasses, whether it is the RX glasses, presbyopic glasses, myopic glasses, or reading glasses.



These premium glasses for night riding from Blupond is the favorite of several Mtb riders due to its high-performing features.

These lightweight glasses are easy on the eyes, giving a comfortable experience to the wearer.

The blue light filtering feature of the glasses can provide a great contrast between light and shadow. It also improves the definition of the vision.

Constructed using a metal frame and polycarbonate lens, the glasses are semi-polarized and come with UV protection.

When riding in the night, it is essential to protect your eyes from the headlights that could pierce into your eyes.

The Blupond glasses does the job well, without compromising on quality.

Semi-polarized lenses can block hazardous rays that can cause headaches and vision problems from reaching your eyes.

Technically, the lenses filter out blue light from headlights, streetlights, mobile phones, and computers.

This feature provides the yellow-light benefit to your eyes.

Moreover, the Blupond mountain biking glasses for night riding offer outstanding comfort, thanks to the spring-loaded hinges.

The hinges also make the glasses impact-resistant and highly compatible for mtb riding. In addition, the lenses are shatterproof, so you can worry less when you drop them down accidentally.

Finally, if you have had enough of those glasses that cut out the field of vision, these glasses have one of the most sought-after semi-rimless frames that offer a larger field of view.

These unisex glasses are available in various frame colors, such as gold, silver, titanium, black, and brown.



Though not made exclusively for night riding, I think these goggles from one of the most reputed biking equipment company Giro, can do their job well as night vision goggles.

These heavy-duty glasses have reinforced frames that make them a perfect contender for mountain biking glasses for night riding.

The full-frame design of the glasses makes it a durable option to watch out for. These glasses can give you a better riding experience on the trails with commendable peripheral vision.

The expansion view technology used by Giro has maximized the clear lens and minimized the frame to protect your eyes while offering better vision seamlessly.

The best part is that these can be worn over prescription glasses. My favorite feature of these glasses is the anti-fogging coating, which prevents fogging up of the lenses.

The strap is an additional feature that I admire, as it helps keep the goggles in place when you are busy tackling the bushes and rocks.



These glasses from Bolle look like they are made to last and offer a range of features that make them suitable for night riding.

The glasses come with a clear lens for night riding and a yellow lens for other conditions.

These glasses are for lovers of lightweight goggles, as it comes in a plastic frame and nylon lenses.

The anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings are the added features that make these glasses worth the money that you pay for.

The full-frame protects your eyes from all the sides, so riding your way through bushes and branches would not be a big problem.

The glasses will feel easy on your nose and temples, and are lenses are easily replaceable. The straight temple design of the glasses offers better comfort and makes them suitable for long rides.



Tifosi has one of the most favored ranges of glasses for mountain biking, and this one for night riding is not an exception.

These lightweight glasses have multiple features that make them perfect for night riding.

With nose and temple pads made of hydrophilic rubber, your glasses are bound to stay put even after long hours of riding and sweat.

The glasses can also be adjusted wholly, and the tinting process is quick, making it a perfect piece to accompany on your long trail rides.

The shatterproof lenses are the other Tifosi night riding glasses that have my heart. What’s more? The glasses offer a great field of view, a feature that is a must for night vision glasses.



The Smith store undoubtedly has some of the best eyewear for all occasions, and their mountain biking range is the finest I have ever come across.

The Smith Wildcat glasses are great for all-day/night riding, as it comes in two interchangeable lenses, suitable for day and night.

The clear lens can be used for night Mtb riding, while the tinted lenses can be used for daytime riding.

With a laudable overall fit, the glasses cover the eyes with their wide lens.

The ear arms are pretty flexible, which is why I would vote this the best for both long and short rides.

The frame’s construction enables good ventilation, and it sits slightly away from the face. This helps prevent fogging.

A feature that I mostly look out for in mountain biking glasses is the nose bridge material, as sweat could otherwise ruin your ride.

Made of non-slip rubberized material, the adjustable nose bridge keeps the glasses in one place even when you are drenched in sweat.

If you cannot do without your contact lenses, these are the perfect night vision glasses for you, as it helps prevent your eyes from drying out.

When you put on these glasses, you will experience that the field of vision is not only wide but sans any glare or distortion.

These Wildcat glasses are available in various frame colors and lens colors.



We cannot miss the Cutline sunglasses from the Rudy Project in the low-light mountain bike riding glasses list.

The night vision glasses provide better coverage than the Oakley Jawbreaker and are slightly wider and taller.

The glasses sit comfortably on the face with widely adjustable nose and temple pieces. Interestingly, the bumpers on the lower frame can be replaced with other colors.

If you want to make it a lightweight pair of goggles, you can remove the bumpers for a significant difference.

Made for protection and more precise vision, the glass lenses clear consistently depending on the change in the ambient light.

The lenses can go completely clear, making them perfect for night riding. The lenses do not fog up when riding while staying close to your face.

However, these may not be a great pair of glasses when riding in totally dusty situations, as there are chances of dirt entering your eyes.



How can anyone overlook Bertoni glasses when you are discussing eyewear!

So, I’ve also included this significant player in my list of night glasses for mountain bike riding.

Made of 100% nylon material, the glasses get the full marks for their construction and frame.

With a weight of only 0.83g, made of TR90 material, the frame is one of the lightest that you can ask for. The frame is lightweight and flexible and has the floating ability.

The arm and the nose bridge give extra grip and hence can stand impact to a great extent.

The decentered lens avoid optical distortions, another reason why these glasses are mountain bikers’ favorite.



7 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you wear polarized glasses at night?

Wearing polarized glasses at night is not at all recommended. Polarized lenses make it difficult to see at night, leading to crashes or significant accidents.

Hence, it is always best to avoid mountain biking in low light conditions.

2. Why do people wear glasses when cycling at night?

Cyclists or mountain bike riders wear glasses at night for more precise vision in different conditions and protect the eyes from dust, debris, branches, rocks, and the like.

While polarized sunglasses help protect the eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays during the daytime, anti-reflective glasses help reduce glare and provide clearer vision while riding on the roads at night.

3. Why do cyclists wear clear glasses while mountain biking at night?

Mountain bikers wear clear glasses for night riding as they do not block the vision while protecting the eyes from foreign elements, such as dusty debris, branches, and rock pieces.

In addition, foreign particles may cause severe damage if they enter the eye, and such events can be prevented by wearing clear glasses.

4. Why do cyclists wear yellow glasses?

Yellow lenses help in filtering out blue light, which is essential in a better visual experience with contrasts.

In addition, the yellow tint aims at providing better vision in low light conditions, and hence mountain bikers opt for yellow tinted glasses when the sunshine is less.

5. Which is the best safety glass color for night riding?

Clear lenses are the best for night riding as it helps in protecting the eyes without distorting the vision.

6. Can I ride with sunglasses at night?

Sunglasses are meant to reduce the amount of light entering the eyes, and hence it is not wise to use them while riding your mountain bike at night.

More so, if you have a darkness-related vision problem as the sunglass could potentially worsen the impairment.

7. Are scratch-resistant lenses worth it?

Suppose you want a clearer vision when riding a mountain bike at night; glasses with scratch-resistant lenses are essential.

Investing in scratch-resistant glasses is genuinely worth it as it helps you see better and reduce the chance of crashes.

Time For The Final Verdict

Mountain bike glasses for night riding come in different brands, types, price ranges, with several other features.

Therefore, the choice would depend on your riding conditions and personal preferences.

However, the above list will make shortlisting the best mtb glasses easier for you.

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Here’s wishing you have a comfortable mountain biking experience.