How To Clean Pit Vipers: 10 Easy Ways That Work

The bold and beautiful pit vipers that are made to take the beating, as the makers claim, are meant to be handled well.

So if you are wondering how to clean pit vipers to ensure their longevity and high performance, this article will throw some light on it.

Whether it’s the flashy ones or the simpler pit vipers, these tips will help you keep them neat and clean.

Here Are 10 Tips To Clean Pit Vipers

Tips # 1: Use A Lint-Free Cloth

Let me not beat around the bush.

The first and best tip is to use the lint-free cloth that comes with your pit vipers. The fact that the fabric is made exclusively for cleaning the sunglasses gives it no competition.

And the other tips that I mention here can be tried when you do not have a lint-free cloth or if your glasses have become too dirty and you worry about scratching them in the process of wiping.

Tips # 2: Use Water

How to Clean Pit Vipers With Water

While you can simply use the lint-free cloth to clean your pit vipers, adding a bit of water would help when there is dust accumulated on them.

Hold your glasses under running water or add some water on the cloth and wipe them well.

Tips # 3: Use Mild Soap

How to Clean Pit Vipers With Soap

If there is serious grime on your pit viper sunglasses, use mild soap and water to clean them off.

Once they are clean, wipe them dry using your lint-free cloth.

If you don’t have a lint-free cloth, use a soft cloth that will not scratch your lenses.

It is best not to use tissue papers, cotton, or any other rough cloth, as these may lead to scratches.

Tips # 4: Use An Automotive Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Is automotive microfiber any better than the small microfiber cloth that initially comes with the glasses?

Experts say yes.

The simple reason is that the lint-free cloth that comes with the glasses, being small in size, tends to accumulate dirt quickly and becomes almost useless within some time. So, eventually, you will have to throw it away in the trash.

On the other hand, the automotive microfiber cleaning cloth comes in a much bigger size and can be used for a more extended period of time without causing any damage to the lenses when used with care.

Whichever cloth you use, it is important to first give your glasses a rinse under room temperature water.

Then, the microfiber cloth can be used to wipe away the water droplets that may remain on the glasses.

Tips # 5: Use Microfiber Bag

Most people throw away or carelessly handle the microfiber bag that comes along with the mountain biking glasses.

They are, in fact, convenient in cleaning the fingerprints on the lenses, especially when you are out on the trail and want to give your glasses a quick cleaning.

Tips # 6: Use Windex Glass Cleaner

Windex glass cleaner could be a quick hack to help you get rid of the unwanted dust and fingerprints from your glasses.

Just spray some Windex glass cleaner on your mountain biking glasses and wipe it off using your microfiber cloth.

Be slow in what you do, and be discreet in assessing whether the method is causing any unwanted result on your glass lenses

Tips # 7: Use Distilled Water

Now you know that water is an essential factor that helps clean your mtb goggles. But is tap water enough to do the job?

The answer is yes and no.

The tap water will do the job if it is soft and does not leave any residue on the glasses.

If your tap water is hard, give them a rinse under distilled water for the perfect result after rinsing the glasses with the tap water.

Tips # 8: Use A Compressed Gas Cleanser

The best option to avoid looking for a clean microfiber cloth every time you want to clean your glasses is to have a compressed gas cleanser in your possession.

For example, after cleaning your Pit Viper sunglasses with mild detergent and water, you can dry them off using a compressed gas cleanser to avoid chances of getting even the tiniest of scratches.

Tips # 9: Disassemble the Lenses

If there’s so much dirt accumulated on the lenses in the place where it meets the frame, you may not be able to remove all that with just a wash in mild soap and water.

In such cases, you may have to remove the frame from the lenses with caution, clean the lenses exclusively in mild detergent water first, and then in clear room temperature water, and then wipe them clean with a microfiber cloth.

Once the lenses are cleaned, you can place them back on the frame.

It is much likely that you get your fingerprints on the lenses while putting them back onto the frame, and do not worry about that. Just use your microfiber cloth to wipe off the fingerprint after securing it on the frame.

Tips # 10: Use Your Breath

A quick cleaning fix is to breathe onto the lenses and dab the moisture off using a microfiber cloth.

Though it is not highly beneficial in the long run or when there is hard dirt or grime, this can be a saver when you don’t have any other option in hand.

However, it is better not to use this tip for the inside of the lenses as it may lead to scratches.

4 Common FAQs On Pit Viper Sunglasses

1. Is using glass cleaner recommended for cleaning Pit Vipers?

Glass cleaners work well for some lenses, while they may hamper the coating in some others. So, use your best judgment in using it for your Pit Viper glasses.

2. Is it a good idea to soak my Pit Viper glasses in water?

While it is acceptable to rinse your mountain biking glasses underwater, it is not recommended to soak them in water for a long time as it may damage the coating.

3. Can I clean Pit Viper using saltwater?

It is a big “No” to clean any polarized sunglasses using saltwater.

Saltwater can potentially damage the coating of the lenses and hence should be avoided entirely under any circumstances.

4. How to get rid of scratches from Pit Viper glasses?

Squeeze a little baking-soda-based toothpaste onto a cotton ball and rub it into the scratch. The cotton ball should be rubbed in a circular motion and rinsed with cool water.

The water droplets can then be cleaned off using a microfiber cloth.

Another tip is to apply a small amount of petroleum jelly onto the entire lens and moving it in a circular motion, using a clean, lint-free cloth.

How to check if Pit Vipers are real?

Follow the 6 point check-list mentioned below. It will help you to verify if the Pit Vipers you bought genuine one. 

For more tips please check this helpful video on how to spot fake Pit Vipers.

Enclosing Thoughts

While all the tips may look similar, mountain bike riders would know how small changes in the way the goggles are cleaned could mater.

These tips may not work for all, and one must use their best judgment to choose a method that would work best for them.

Especially when you are cleaning your Pit Vipers, be cautious not to rub them too hard as it may lead to scratches.

Whichever “How to clean pit vipers” hack you use, take it slow and see how it works for your mountain biking goggles.

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