How To Adjust Pit Viper Sunglasses Like A Pro (2023 Guide)

You’ve got your most longed-for sunglasses but are still wondering how to adjust your pit viper sunglasses?

I know how it feels as I have been through it.

While adjusting pit viper sunglasses is not an arduous task, it still needs knowledge and understanding of the technicalities of your glasses.

It is essential to learn these nuances to make the best use of your glasses.

Here I’ll discuss the basic adjustments on different Pit Viper glasses like the Pit Viper 2000s, Double Wides, Exciters, and Grand Prix.

How To Adjust Pit Vipers (In-Depth Video)

How To Adjust Pit Viper 2000s

Step 1: Adjusting the e-spot for Pit Viper 2000s

E-spot adjustment is all about the depth of the earpiece.

You can have your earpieces deep inside or toward the outer portion of your ears.

With four distinct settings, e-spot can give you a great personalized experience.

It is quite natural for many users to find the earpieces to be slightly sticky, but never mind.

Just use your arms to place it in the appropriate depth you require.

Step 2: Turbo adjustment for Pit Viper 2000s

Your renowned mountain bike glasses‘ turbo adjustment is highly useful in attaining optimum face-sitting.

Thanks to the perfect angle that it gives to your glasses.

Next time your friend says, turn it up to OPP, or turn it down to full turbo, do not get bewildered.

Those are the simple turbo adjustments on your Pit Viper sunglasses to improve your comfort and durability of the glasses.

When you are riding slow, or on smooth trails, opp turbo is perfect, while you could turn it down to full turbo mode for high-impact rides.

How To Adjust Pit Viper Double Wides

Step 1: Adjusting the e-spot for Pit Viper Double Wides

The earpiece depth adjustment is referred to as the E-spot adjustment.

The four-point adjustment system in Pit Viper sunglasses enables keeping your earpieces farther inside or outside your ear.

The issue of sticky earpieces can be seamlessly handled with this adjustment system.

Moreover, it gives an excellent bespoke experience. Your arms are the only tool required to make this happen.

Step 2: Nose bender adjustment for Pit Viper Double Wides

Your Pit Viper sunglasses have a nose piece that has a memory, and all you must do is just bend the piece to fit your nose’s bridge.

I’m sure that this nose piece will instantly up your satisfaction level of using Pit Viper sunglasses compared to your ordinary ex-sunglasses.

Step 3: Turbo adjustment for Pit Viper Double Wides

Do you want to keep your glasses longer on your face without any hassle?

The turbo adjustment is what makes this happen.

The two adjustments, OPP and full turbo allow you to turn the arms up or down to whichever position gives you utmost comfort.

While full turbo comes in handy during impactful rides, opp turbo will prove to be convenient during laid-back rides on the trail.

Step 4: Adjusting the earpieces for Pit Viper Double Wides

The mtb sunglasses have a love handle and a reach-around extension.

These can be interchanged for better personal experience, and here’s how it is done.

Disassembling the earpiece is easy, but you need to be a little cautious while doing the job to sustain the performance of your mtb goggles.

The pull-out method for adjusting the earpiece requires you to hold the frame firm on one side and pull out the earpiece arm using the other hand.

Then, do the same for both sides of the frame.

It is essential to push the earpiece arm back in the right direction for the best performance of your glasses.

How To Adjust Pit Viper Exciters

Step 1: Adjusting the e-spot for Pit Viper Exciters

E-spot adjustment for this particular Pit Viper model is done through the tie-down utility feature.

The tie-downs are a utility feature that takes Pit Viper a notch higher than its competitors.

Essentially it clips into the holes at the edge of the famous love handle earpieces.

The tie-down feature helps in hanging your Pit Vipers around your neck or head if you would love to do something like that.

How To Adjust Pit Viper Grand Prix

Step 1: Adjusting the harness of Pit Viper Grand Prix

The speed harness is designed to slide into the slots at the edge of your earpieces named Grand Prix.

In addition, the harness secures your mtb goggles around your head or neck when required.

Step 2: Adjusting the side pieces of Pit Viper Grand Prix

Removable side pieces must be a dream come true for many. You have the freedom to remove the side pieces for a different look sometimes.

Just peel off the side pieces away from the frame to detach them.

9 Common FAQs On Pit Viper Adjustment

1: Do Pit Vipers Have Z87+ Ratings?

Pit Viper offers the highest security possible to your eyes. The Z87+ rating is just proof of the pudding.

Protection from the impact of UV rays is vital for any eyewear to receive the Z87+ rating.

Moreover, it is mandatory for glasses to pass the ball drop test to be graded as Z87+ as the test helps in assessing the impact resistance of the lenses.

Pit viper glasses have the Z87+ rating engraved inside the lens in tiny letters.

With maximum protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun, you can be at ease about eye fatigue and eye health.

2: Are Pit Vipers waterproof?

Pit Vipers are float resistant. So, make sure you don’t drown them in water.

3: Do Pit Viper sunglasses scratch easily?

Pit Viper sunglasses are highly versatile and are perfect for a myriad of outdoor activities.

Not just for mountain biking, it can be your ideal companion on your hiking trip, a day at the beach, trekking, skiing, or snowboarding.

While lookalikes may get scratched easily, original Pit Vipers are known to take a lot of beating.

However, it is always better to care for them like they are a susceptible pair of lenses so that you can make them of utmost durability.

Even while you make adjustments on your Pit Viper goggles, make sure that you handle them with care.

4: Can you change pit Viper lenses?

In my experience, you cannot swap the lenses of Pit Viper MTB glasses.

However, you may be able to find extra lenses from other companies that may suit your frame.

Since the lenses are typically durable, the need for replacing lenses seldom arises.

5: How do you change the earpiece on Pit Viper sunglasses?

I’ve described above how to change Pit Viper earpiece easily.

However, if you are a visual learner that would help you understand the process better, do check out this YouTube video that I found very helpful.

6: How can I make my Pit Viper tighter?

The earpiece adjustment will help in managing the tightness of your sunglasses.

The three-point adjustment system can be utilized effectively to make your glasses tighter.

7: How to manage the turbo joint problem in Pit Vipers?

Did you mess up your turbo adjuster while trying to make adjustments?

If you are wondering what to do with your Pits, the best thing to do would be to reach out to them and explain your situation.

They are famous for excellent customer service, and hopefully, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

8: How to make Pit Vipers smaller?

If your arm length is extended and in shooter position, you can push it further inside the opening at the end of the arms to make it smaller.

9: Are Pit Viper sunglasses suitable for outdoor activities?

Absolutely! Pit Viper sunglasses are the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures.

With their rugged durability and sporty style, they can handle anything nature throws at you.

Whether you’re shredding the slopes, hitting the trails, or lounging on the beach, Pit Vipers will keep your eyes protected from harmful UV rays while adding a dash of badassery to your look.

So gear up, embrace the wild, and let your Pit Vipers take you on an epic outdoor journey!


I hope this article has given you a comprehensive idea about how to adjust Pit Viper sunglasses easily.

Knowing these adjustment techniques will help you get the best out of your Pit Viper sunglasses.

With Pit Vipers protecting your eyes, you can focus more on improving your mountain biking skills and enjoying the trails.

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