Enduro Mountain Biking Training Plan For 2023

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Enduro mountain biking is an exciting and rewarding sport that challenges both the body and mind.

With the right enduro mountain biking training plan and mindset, you can unlock your full potential and conquer the trails.

In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of creating a customized enduro mountain biking training plan, working with a coach, and mastering essential skills.

We will also highlighting the importance of proper nutrition and recovery.

Get ready to embark on an incredible journey to becoming the best enduro racer you can be!

Quick Takeaway (Enduro Mountain Biking)

Create a personalized training plan to maximize your enduro racing performance.
Fuel and strengthen your body with proper nutrition, rest days & active recovery strategies.
Mentally prepare for race day by setting achievable goals & visualizing success!

Building Your Customized Training Plan

Image of Enduro Mountain Biking on a Trail
Enduro Mountain Biking on a Trail

A well-designed training plan is the foundation of any successful mountain biking journey.

It is essential to focus on three key components: endurance, strength, and skill development.

Consistency is critical in cycling training plans, especially for enduro MTB racing.

By incorporating the Performance Pyramid’s principles of endurance, stability, mobility, and power, you will be well on your way to becoming an outstanding all-round enduro rider.

To create a personalized training program, consider your current fitness level, specific goals, and the race season’s demands.

Your training plan should evolve as you progress, allowing you to maximize your fitness gains and achieve success in enduro racing.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the three main components of a well-rounded enduro mountain biking training plan.

Detailed Enduro Mountain Biking Training Plan (18 Weeks Plan)

Common Mountain Biking Myths Featured Image
Enduro Mountain Biking

The program I shall share runs ideally for 18 weeks. If you are running short on time, decrease the sections. But try not to skip many sections.

Enduro skills is given a focus for two-weeks in the MTB training plan but usually it must run through the entire training program, with a minimum of a ride each week.

You will need to hydrate yourself in order to keep going. Ensure that you carry at least a liter of water. I would also suggest to carry an energy drink along with you. Ensure you consume enough carbs before beginning your training.

No need to include fancy protein and carbohydrate combos.

Week 14 To Week 18 Before The Enduro MTB Event

Key Goal: Build stamina for riding long consistent miles.


  • This is the time to build your base.
  • Concentrate on riding long distance and building more volume.
  • Stay realistic regarding the start point.
  • Try doing 2-3 rides each week.
  • Each ride will be lasting for at least two hours.

Week 10 To Week 14 Before The Enduro MTB Event

Key Goal: Well-structured efforts that last for 8-10 minutes.


  • Focus to build intensity.
  • Work with 80% of your maximum efforts.
  • You must ensure that you work hard, but not so much that you reach a saturation point.

Week 6 To Week 10 Before The Enduro MTB Event

Key Goal: Engage in interval training that must last for 3-5 minutes.


  • Focus to build intensity.
  • Work with 80% of your maximum efforts.
  • You must ensure that you work hard, but not so much that you reach a saturation point.

Week 4 To Week 6 Before The Enduro MTB Event

Key Goal: Double down your effort to gain Enduro skills.


  • Start maximizing your core MTB riding skills by going out on your bike as much as possible.
  • Remember that practice will make you perfect.

Week 2 To Week 4 Before The Enduro MTB Event

Key Goal: Be ready for explosive efforts. Practice sprint starts as it is an excellent way to get that huge power in your legs. They must be lasting for six seconds.


  • Focus to build power.
  • You must give yourself enough time to recover between each of your effort.
  • You must be feeling strong before every start.

Week 0 To Week 2 Before The Enduro MTB Event

Key Goal: Preparation before race.


  • Become race ready.
  • Try tapering off the miles and start fresh for your race.
  • This is last chance to work on those parts you require to work on.
  • Never cheat yourself, give all your effort and never regret.

The Most Effective Method For Building Endurance (8 Proven Methods That Work)

Enduro Mountain Biking Training Plan
Enduro MTB Training

The enduro mountain biking race is never over shortly.

Indeed, it’s not unexpected to continue for five hours; so, endurance – as the name demonstrates – is vital.

The capacity to keep up with exertion for extensive stretches of time is an essential interest for this discipline.

So fabricate your vigorous limit through long, consistent rides.

Riding exceptionally severe with enduro style stages at the end of the week is incredible.

Yet to prevail in a race you want to finish different stages, regularly north of two days, so having this distance prepared into your legs is fundamental.

Follow eight steps mentioned below to build endurance which is much needed for the enduro mountain biking race.

1. Pick The Right Races

Assuming that you are a newbie, the decision of the race is significant. Depending upon one’s riding abilities, it is desirable to decide on a sort of race that best fits.

Those with not good foundation will favor a race with short SS, specialized drops and not all that much climbing.

Alternately, riders with XC experience will better pick a race that is less specialized and has serious acceleration.

2. Start Working On Your Skills Of Downhill Riding

A downhill race is centered around one track ridden at the most elevated speed, an enduro race regularly has six phases to be ridden at max throttle so building skill is key here.

In case you’re restricted by your skills as you ride through different stages of enduro biking, your general time of race will increase.

Practicing skills is regularly ignored by riders – they simply go out and ride. Instead the riders must regularly ride the different types of mountain trails.

This way enduro mtb riders can be familiar with the different type of trails and polish their methods of riding the trails efficiently.

Following riding patterns of some popular enduro riders and watching some good downhill riding skill videos on YouTube can definitely be helpful.

If you’re new to enduro bike riding, utilize the path reviewing framework to move toward logically difficult terrains.

At the point when you’re open to riding the difficult trails, begin to rehash these to attempt to work on your speed through them. Difficult trails generally have elevated courses, and these require great skill and agility.

3. Ask Your Friends To Race Along With You

The Enduro mountain biking sport offers the riders with a good opportunity to meet and socialize with many other skilled and experienced riders.

Nothing is more enjoyable than sharing the end of the week or the race day with your riding amigos.

Riding with your friends will help you practice and polish your riding skills. I ride with my biking buddies often. My friends thought me how to get a better start to the race as well as improving my stamina.

4. Begin Training Rides

Focus on getting your ride timings of at least two hours in length. If possible try to hit four hours.

You’ll have to fuel during rides, and for these endeavors volume is a higher priority than power.

Having a mountain biking monitor attached to your enduro bike shall be very helpful here as it helps you track your ride the better way.

Training rides will help you prepare your body for the enduro race event. Moreover, training rides also help you get into the right mental framework required to do well in the enduro race event.

5. Check Your Mountain Bike

Prior to the race, ensure that your mountain bike is in amazing working condition.

Check the brakes and bike saddles. Make sure everything functions perfectly and the bike’s geometry stays intact. Grease up the your mountain bike’s chain.

Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

Make sure your enduro mountain bike is capable to withstand extreme ride conditions.

Riding conditions can either be dry, wet, moist, misty or rough. Make sure that you and your mountain bike is prepared for such conditions.

Follow this mountain bike maintenance checklist for a detailed deep dive on maintaining and tuning up your mountain bike.

6. Develop Strength In Your Gym

Although you want to make a great deal of progress throughout the span of your preparation for the Enduro mountain biking race, you have to approach your preparation in stages.

As you prepare yourself for the race event, be aware that you shall be riding through terrains which are unpleasant, difficult and rough.

Prepare yourself in the way that it builds your core strength and power your upper and lower body. Regular workout sessions in gym shall help you build stamina, maintain good timing and have a better control on your enduro bike during the main enduro race event.

Going to your gym is unmistakably valuable and ought to be important for your preparation. For starters, I would propose utilizing squats, thrust, and deadlift to develop lower body strength.

Push ups, and seat presses are good exercises to help develop strength in your upper body, especially your chest.

7. Train Under Any/All Weather

Assuming you would rather not observe yourselves to be ill-equipped, during your preparation rides you should chase after trails that reproduce the conditions you will find on the racecourse.

You should figure out how to ride quick, exact, and spotless, then, at that point, stop, rest a little and return to the top for somewhere around 5 or multiple times.

In addition, since the races occur whatever the climate, have a go additionally at riding in the heavy storm, on mud and snow.

If you train this way, you will show up toward the beginning entryway prepared for any eventuality.

8. Understand The Importance of Nutrition

To keep your energy, step up past two hours expects you to take in fuel en route.

Carb is the key here, and eating snacks and staying hydrated is a great way of keeping energy and execution up.

Store food on your bike as you train. Carry hydration backpack to stay hydrated. Carrying wide scope of sugar snacks in your pockets also helps during your training.

After finishing your hard training day, caffeine can be exceptionally useful, as well, and assist with supporting exertion and concentration.

Recuperation will be helped by taking in protein. You don’t require pre-bundled nourishment for your high carb snacks.

Rice cakes, hotcakes, peanut butter and jam sandwiches will all assist with filling those long rides.

Can You Practice Enduro Mountain Biking Training At Home?

Enduro Mountain Biking Training At Home
At Home Training

With the present state of fitness facilities and gyms, MTB training program can be done at home making use of some basic equipment such as:

Should You Check Out Some Sample Workouts?

Try out some workout mentioned below and find out how different it will feel to do every element separately.

Do 5 Rounds of:

Or You Can Try 3 Rounds of:

Common Do’s and Don’ts of MTB training?

There are some common do’s and don’ts for a solid preparation routine. Following the points below will help riders prepare well for their enduro mountain biking training regime.


  • Focus on full body (compound) developments like squats, jumps, deadlifts, columns, squeezing, pull-ups. The higher the development the more significant!
  • As you train, change routines, reps, weights, distances etc. each time you train. This will keep your body speculating and gaining nonstop headway.
  • Consistency is the key. Stay true to your workout routine. If you plan to hit the gym 7 days, ensure you do it.
  • Take a “de-load week” each 4-5 weeks assuming that you have been reliably preparing all through. This will help you recuperate.
  • Give recuperation the regard it needs, including sustenance, portability, rest, eat your greens, and hydration.


  • Try not to detach individual muscles by doing bicep twists, leg expansions, hamstring twists, etc.  You are just pretty much as solid as your most fragile connection, and you can wind up with muscles that don’t cooperate.
  • Try not to invest energy in Olympic weightlifting, undeniable level acrobatics etc.
  • Try not to rehash a similar exercise and anticipate similar enhancements. Your body is smart, it would rather not accomplish more than is required so it will adjust and quit gaining ground whenever presented to a similar upgrade each time you train.
  • Try not to invest energy on things that don’t add to your necessities. In case you are heating up, assembling, or doing reps need to be for a reason.

Common FAQs On Enduro Mountain Biking Training Plan

1. Should you train in the off-season if you take part in mountain biking?

A rider must understand the importance of off-season MTB training.

You will get good results if you start the training early for building foundations of endurance and strength that can be sharpened before the beginning of the upcoming MTB season.

2. What are core benefits from Enduro MTB training plan?

Potential benefits of following a defined training plan for enduro mountain biking are listed below:

  • Developing endurance to ride longer and faster.
  • Avoiding occurrence of injuries. Also, preparing your physic to recover faster in case of an injury.
  • Losing your weight and becoming slim.

3. What safety measures should you practice for the MTB training?

Below listed are some safety measures that you must practice for the enduro mountain bike training.

  • Understand what your body can go through if the pain is good or bad for you.
  • If you doubt the total progress while you train, get hold of in-person MTB coaching session.
  • Gain skills with regular practice and then add more intensity as you ride, never the other way around.

That Is All

To become successful at enduro you must learn more than just skills related to bike handling.

Start your training once the race calendar begins and you require to work backward for ensuring you have adequate time for becoming fit.

By following expert tips, you will be finding yourself race ready any day. Following a proper Enduro mountain biking training plan will let you enjoy every race and you do not have to worry about going back to the hilltop.

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