Do Tubeless MTB Tires Go Flat? Here’s What You Need to Know

Do Tubless MTB Tires Go Flat Featured Image

Mountain biking on a flat tire is a frustrating experience that can easily ruin your fun ride. For this reason, many mountain bikers are switching to tubeless mountain bike tires. Tubeless MTB tires are known for their superior performance and stability. But despite their numerous benefits, do tubeless MTB tires go flat? This article will … Read more

How to Tackle Mountain Bike Chain Skipping Under Load

Mountain Bike Chain Skipping Under Load

A mountain bike chain skipping under load is one of the most common issues you may see when you ride your mountain bike. Unfortunately, this can be dangerous and may affect your overall riding experience. So it would help if you tried to fix a mountain bike chain that is skipping or jumping gears as soon as … Read more

How To Know If MTB Tires Need Air: (New Guide For 2023)

How To Know If MTB Tires Need Air

Mountain biking is an exhilarating and fun activity. But this activity can also be dangerous if you’re not adequately prepared. One of the most important things you need to know before you hit the trails is whether or not your mountain bike tires need air. First, check out how to know if MTB tires need … Read more

Why Do Mountain Bike Tires Need Sealant

Why Mountain Bike Tires Need Sealant

Why do mountain bike tires need sealant is a question? That is what I often hear novice mountain bike riders ask. Well, if you have been a mountain biker for quite some time, you would know its importance. But don’t worry if you are still figuring out the different aspects of your bike and mountain … Read more

Common MTB Chainring Wear Symptoms (2023 Guide)

MTB Chainring Wear Symptoms

Are you here looking for MTB chainring wear symptoms? If so, then you may already know how important that round spiky thing on your mountain bike’s drivetrain is. This topic is of great significance because, often, a worn-out mountain bike chain sits well on the chainring for quite a long time. This causes the chainring … Read more

Tools Needed To Remove MTB Chain (Updated 2023 Guide)

Tools Needed To Remove MTB Chain Featured Image

I decided to write this article on the tools needed to remove the MTB chain. I realize that there is a need for an in-depth guide to introduce specialized as well as common household tools which can be used to remove your mountain bike chain. I’ve tried to make this list as comprehensive as possible. … Read more

How Often To Oil Mountain Bike Chain? New Guide For 2023.

How often to oil mountain bike chain Featured Image

Oiling is an important factor that improves the durability of a mountain bike chain. But not many are aware of how often to oil mountain bike chain. The popular rule of thumb is to oil the mountain bike chain after every ride. However, several other factors also determine the frequency of oiling mountain bike chains. … Read more