Acquires to Expand Mountain Biking Expertise, a prominent online resource for mountain biking enthusiasts, has announced the strategic acquisition of, an esteemed website specializes in sharing information about mountain biking.

The merger solidifies’s position as a leader in the mountain biking community and aims to further empower mountain bikers around the world.

About was a brain child of Mary Blomquist.

It has been the trusted go-to source for mountain biking aficionados, offering valuable insights, guides, reviews, and tips for both beginners and advanced riders.

With a strong community of mountain biking enthusiasts, the website has played an essential role in nurturing the sport and providing expert knowledge on mountain biking, equipment, techniques, and more. + A Perfect Merger

The acquisition of is more than a simple addition to’s existing platform.

It represents a synergistic merging of expertise and passion, geared towards building a more robust and comprehensive resource for all avid mountain bikers and cyclists alike. will leverage’s specialized content and community connections to expand its reach and offer more diversified, tailored experiences for mountain biking enthusiasts.

The merger will lead to:

Enhanced Content: will benefit from the specialized focus of, enriching its content library. Explore our enhanced beginner guides, MTB type guides, MTB accessory guides and MTB gear guides.

Community Growth:

By joining forces, the two platforms will create a broader community of like-minded enthusiasts, fostering collaboration, discussions, and shared experiences.

Greater Reach:’s loyal audience will find a new home in, thus expanding the reach and influence of both sites.

Innovation and Development:

Together, the platforms will spearhead new initiatives, research, and development in the mountain biking industry, contributing to a healthier, more vibrant biking culture.

Our latest development is our Mountain Bike Frame Size Calculator which helps the bikers to find the right frame size according to one’s riding style.

Soon Biking Know How plans to release many more similar calculators that cater to different aspects of mountain biking.

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