Acquires; Making It A Trusted Resource For Mountain Biking

Biking Know How, a fast-growing authority site that publishes top-notch content about mountain biking, acquires, another well known resource about biking.

This merger makes Biking Know How a one-stop solution for everything related to Mountain Biking.

History Of is one of the pioneer publishers of biking-related content. It started its operations in 2005. The website has since then catered to the unquenchable desire of the biker community to learn more about the sport.

The website has been committed to providing authentic content that makes a biker’s life easier.

About, a reputed resource on mountain biking is owned and managed by Rohan who is a mountain biking enthusiast.

Rohan, who forayed into mountain biking in 2007, aims to turn Biking Know How into a trusted encyclopedia of biking-related topics.

The website publishes a wide range of topics that will help beginners get started with mountain biking.

Topics about different mountain bikes, bike accessories, biking gears etc. are very well covered by the website.

Biking Know How makes it easier for the uninitiated to get acquainted with the world of mountain bikes, riding tips, types of terrains, mountain biking accessories, bike maintenance tips, and the like.

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