Top 7 Best Women’s Road Bike Under 500 for 2023

Looking for the best women’s road bike under 500? We are here to help you.

We have done the hard work on your behalf. Here we list the top 7 road bikes for women. Bikes we choose are best in class and affordable too. So, keep reading.

Before we go into a descriptive review, those who want to take a quick decision could go through our top picks in the table below:

Best Women's Road Bike Under 500, Top 2 Picks

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Brake DISK
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Brake DISK

Grading Criteria

You may already know that cycling helps in improving your health, balance, and coordination. But you may be apprehensive to buy a road bike, due to the array of options available and your budget constraints.

When it comes to cycling, road bikes are indisputably the most popular and versatile among all other types of bikes due to their comfort and usability for casual rides.

Be ready for a treat, as here we are going to give you a list of women’s road bikes that doesn’t cost a fortune. We have picked out a list of best women’s road bike under 500, which integrate all the necessary features for a calm and soothing riding experience.

But before going into the list, let us answer the first question that comes to your mind! Quality and durability of the road bike at this price range?

Well, these affordable lightweight road bikes are from trusted international brands that maintain strict quality standards on the materials and components used.

These companies keep the cost check by using entry-level components like drive trains, switchgear, shock absorbers, etc. 

Comparisons are done with world-renowned brands that give similar performance to the most expensive road bikes that are priced at least twice more than the brands we have shortlisted.

These road bike-centric components are excellent for beginners who are new to road bikes, as well as for experienced cyclists, who are looking for a second bike for shorter and regular commutes.

7 Top Picks For Best Women's Road Bike Under 500

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid road bike is undoubtedly the best-selling women’s road bike under $500. Why pay hundreds more when you can get the same performance of much higher-priced road bikes?

Be it training, commuting, or fun, priced at $449, this hybrid bike is the answer to all your road biking needs and safety with the versatility of transforming into a mountain bike.

Thanks to the Shimano Tourney TX derailleurs at the front and back and the cranked-up arms and triple crankset that boosts speed without compromising on safety and agility. These Shimano road bike components are perfect for a hassle-free commute.

Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid women’s road bike comes equipped with a 24 gear drivetrain for a hassle-free riding experience on all terrain and weather conditions.

The Shimano EF 51 3/8 Speed drive train with an integrated brake lever offers smooth and quick gear shifts.

Now talking about the control and handling of various weather conditions, the bike comes equipped with 700c tires and disk brakes. These are all-terrain tires and brakes offer excellent braking bite hence keeping you safe.

The hydro-formed alloy frame adds to the agility of the bike while the ergonomic design and raised handlebars endow you with maximum comfort.



Euro Bike XC550 700C Wheels women’s road bike comes from a renowned and trusted brand. The bike is priced in an unbelievable range of $229 – $318 depending on the frame size.

As an entry-level bike, it comes fitted with Shimano 21 gear drive chain. The bike comes equipped with a Shimano TZ30 derailleur at the front and a Shimano TZ50 derailleur at the back.

The Shimano A050 shifter offers smooth, quick, and precise gearshifts. These Shimano road bike-centric components make it the best starter road bike.

The bikes come in two sizes, 49 cm, and 54 cm for various size group people and come 85% fitted thereby reducing the customer’s effort and saving time spent on fitting the components.

What compromises at this unbelievable price range? The bike comes with a 42T chain drive instead of the conventional 52T or 53T. The smaller chain drive produces less power thereby reducing the speed produced.

The bike also comes equipped with a steel frame rather than the widely used aluminum alloy frames. A few mounting bolts are missing which limits the possibility of customization with aftermarket accessories.

The ability to vary the resistance between the front and back gears improves the gains you make while training with the bike. This women’s road bike also comes with a disk brake at the front and rear that further increases the safety of the rider.

The lightweight steel frame makes the bike highly agile and durable. However, the fitment and tuning of the bike can be complex for some and may require additional professional assistance.

The lack of water bottle mounts is a serious letdown considering the capabilities of the bike. Taller riders may find it difficult to ride the bike.

The fit and finish and material used are not corrosion resistant and require proper care during harsh weather conditions. Even after using lightweight material, the bike is a bit on the heavier side.

There are also reports from few users that the bike produces a howling sound while riding and also being wobbly at times but the above are for certain customers and if found, can be fixed as the bike comes cowered under warranty.



Barracuda, the well-recognized British brand has refreshed the entire fleet of the bike after shelving their older models. Their entire range of bikes is aesthetically beautiful considering their price range.

The Barracuda Crovus WS2 is the company’s women-centric road bike. Priced at around $333, this tailor-made women’s road bike cost less than many bikes with similar specifications.

Taking account of the design of the bike, it looks racy and aggressive. The frame is made out of lightweight allow taking account of the women riders.

The bike comes equipped with 16 speed Shimano Tourney STI gear levers, which offer smooth and efficient gear shifting.

However, the bike comes equipped with dual-pivot caliper brakes at the front and back. The seats are adjustable according to your riding posture and comfort.

Now the main question is are they worth every penny considering the quality and specification at this price point? The answer is, the Barracuda Crovus WS2 is a good women’s road bike considering the price and ideal for a novice rider but it is not the best bike available in the market.

Quality seems off at some points especially with minor lumps at the welding points. The dual-pivot brakes lack the braking offered by bikes with disc brakes, which can be found in much cheaper models of other brands. The bike is offered with a budget tire that can lead to a lack of confidence at certain terrains.



Schwinn Bicycle Company founded in 1895 in Chicago is a dominant name among the cycling community. 

The Schwinn Discover Hybrid bike with a step-through frame is a versatile women’s road bike with numerous capabilities and makes it among the best beginner women’s road bikes for around $500.

Its usability as a road bike, mountain bike, and small commuter bike makes it an all-rounder in the segment. The bike is priced at around $558. Before going further about the bike, let us discuss who should consider the Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike with the step-through frame?

If you are looking for a bike that turns heads of those around and makes you the center of attraction wherever you go, then this bike is a go for and its 16-inch step-through frame is ideal for those who are 5’5” or taller and effortless while getting on and off the bike.

The bike has both the genes of both a road commuting bike and a mountain bike. The bike offers excellent comfort during commuting. Thanks to the Schwinn suspension fork, lightweight alloy crank, and adjustable stem with swept-back handlebar.

The bike comes equipped with a 21 speed SRAM grip system and rear derailleur from Shimano. This makes pedaling uphill easy and gear shifts are smooth.

The alloy twist shifter comes equipped with a 4-finger brake lever. The bike also comes with a padded saddle and rear gear carrier. The soft seats offer adequate comfort and are adjustable. The bike comes equipped with an adjustable Promax alloy linear-pull brake liner.

So is the bike worth every penny spent? Well, this comes with mixed opinions. Considering the price range, there are far better options available in the market, which offer better performance and comes equipped with better components.

However, if you are looking for a bike that looks extremely good on the road and that has the versatility of a road bike and mountain bike and that is very convenient for shorter daily commutes, then you can go for these without any second thoughts.

The fit and finish are very much up to the industry standards. The gear system is the ultimate selling point of this as these systems are usually found equipped on bikes that are priced above $1000 in the market.

The liner brake’s performance and maintenance make you wish if the bike had came equipped with disk brakes. 

The plastic fender and pedals are much prone to breakage if not taken proper care and the connecting material between the wheel and pull gate are prone to wear out with regular usage.



Hiland bikes are a popular name among cycling enthusiasts. The Hiland Clifford 700c women’s road bikes are offered in both small and large sizes. This lightweight road bike is priced below $299.

The bike comes equipped with a lightweight matte aluminum frame and provides an endless scope of personalization through a wide range of racks, kickstands, lights, fenders, and more.

The exceptional lightweight structure of the bike makes it easy for transportation and offers a comfortable ride. The bike offers road bike speed with the versatility of a hybrid bike.

The bike comes equipped with a 21 speed Shimano 12-32T drivetrain and Kenda 700X40C high performance. The bike is fitted with mechanical disk brakes which keep the speed checked and offer excellent stopping power.

The Shimano thumb grip switch makes gear shifting effortless and smooth. The bike also offers 5 years warranty for the frame. Shimano TY700 and Shimano M310 Altus derailleurs are provided at the front and the back.

Now, who should opt for this bike, and does it provide value for money?

The bike is ideal for people who are looking for a road bike that is the best of both worlds without burning your wallet. The bike offers the speed of a road bike with the usability of a mountain bike on any harsh terrains.

The fit and finish of the bike are great considering the price range. The fork quality could have been better since the similarly priced bikes available in the market come much better equipped. The fitment and tuning of this bike are quite complex and might require professional assistance.



Giordano Acciao 700C women’s road bike is a fantastic affordable road bike, which is durable, easy to manure, and lightweight. The bike is listed for sale as low as $350.

The bike comes equipped with a high-quality tensile steel frame and forks. The handlebars are made out of metal, which is strong and durable.

The bike is equipped with Shimano Tourney STI 14 speed drive train. The Shimano shifters are integrated into the brake levers. The Shimano gears assist in conquering the hill rides offering a relaxed and laid-back riding comfort.

The bike has a very strong dual pivot side pull braking system that can bring the bike to a complete halt in a matter of milliseconds without compromising complete control over your bike.

The 700C*25 tires offer adequate road grip and riding confidence. The tires are mounted on 32 holes double wall 30mm alloy rims which are durable and long-lasting. The riding posture provides relaxed and comfortable rides for both city and urban commute.

So should you go for this bike and is it of good value?

The Shimano gear system is among the best in the market at the price range. However, not everything is perfect for the bike. Assembly of the bike is not easy and might require professional assistance.

The bikes do not come fitted with disk brakes which have pretty much an industry standard at this price range. Several users have reported slippage of gears if shifted very quickly and there has also been reporting about the seats being stiff and adjusted seats sliding down inside the frame while riding.



The Merax Finiss 700C women’s road bike is a great piece of equipment that looks astonishing and rides well.

The bike is priced below $400 and comes equipped with a high tensile lightweight and sturdy 6061 Aluminum frame that offers smooth, agile, and comfortable transportation.

The bike is equipped with 21 speed Shimano gears with Shimano RD TZ500 31.8 pull-down derailleur at the front and Shimano RD TZ500 long arm derailleur at the back.

The Shimano ASLA050 shifters offer smooth and reliable shifting at any speed on all-terrain conditions. If you are someone who worries a lot about shifting gears, worry not! Shimano components are very user-friendly.

The Kenda 700 X 28C high-performance tires offer exceptional road grip and any harsh terrain conditions and boost riding comfort and handling. The rims are also made out of corrosion-resistant high tensile aluminum alloy.

The stoppage is provided by the aluminum brake calipers at the front and the back; the stopping power is superior and does not damage your bike.

The bike also comes equipped with a free pannier bag that allows you to carry your essentials during your commute and can be fitted either on the front or rear tires. The bike also offers a quick-release mechanism for the front tires.

So does it offer complete value for your money and is it the complete road bike?

If you are looking for an efficient cost-effective women’s road bike under 500 with aesthetically perfect looks, then the Merax Finiss 700C is worth trying out. 

The bike offers smooth performance at variable speeds and provides excellent resistance to poor weather conditions. However, the bike has some downsides as well. The fitment and tuning may require professional help.

The absence of a disk brake is very much evident and leaves with no other option rather than opting for aftermarket high-performance brake pads.

The chains are reported to be worn out quickly compared to other models available in the market and require up-gradation or replacement. There is also a lack of shock absorbers at the front. The fit and finish of the bolts also need to be improved.



Final Verdict

Besides considering cycling as a means of commute and exercise, choosing the best women’s road bike under 500 after properly researching your needs and commuting styles can help you explore nature effortlessly.

We at Biking KnowHow are truly passionate about cycling. If you are a beginner in to biking then we have tons of valuable guides and resources to share with you. Let’s cycle toward our overall wellness and a greener planet.