10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets Under 50 Dollars: TOP PICKS For 2023

Are you looking for best mountain bike helmets under 50 dollars?

If you are a novice mountain bike rider being watchful of the money you spend on your accessories comes natural.

We are here to save you some money and help you find the best mountain bike helmet that suits your budget.

We have ranked the best options for you to choose from using our unbiased review system.

If you are short of time no issue because we recommend you our two top choices. See the table below to check our top two options on mountain bike helmets. 

Mountain Bike Helmets Under 50 Dollars, Top 2 Options

If you are in a hurry use the comparison table below to decide quickly the helmet to buy from Amazon.

Be rest assured that we only recommend products that have worked for us.

Best Choice
WEIGHT 287- 405 gms
Least Price
WEIGHT Light-Weight
VENTILATION 18 vents for good ventilation

10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets: Descriptive Review

If you are looking for the best mountain bike helmet that fits your head perfectly and comfortably without compromising the slightest bit on protection, then look no further, the best-selling Schwinn thrasher biker helmet is a perfect choice.

The kid’s models are priced at about $19 while the adult one is at $25. 

On hot summer rides, the 20 critical air vents ensure optimal ventilation. The back dial fit strap of this open-face mtb helmet allows for 360° flexibility for the best custom fit like none other.

It also comes with a built-in detachable visor that offers excellent protection to your eyes from the sun and rain. Padding can also be adjusted to fit your head shape.

The helmet is made of thick and strong foam that is extremely durable and the microshell construction offers immense protection to the rider’s head.

The design of the helmet is so versatile that it offers the protection of a mountain bike helmet and the comfort of a city bike helmet.

The rear LED light is the most significant feature, which functions as a still light and flasher with just a press of a button. They offer excellent visibility of the rider to the oncoming traffic.



The Lixada mountain bike helmets offer excellent value for money. Priced at about $17, they are among the most affordable and lightweight MTB helmets available in the market.

The Lixada helmet weigh around 0.75 punds and are made of integrally mounted EPS foam, which is durable and comfortable. The 25 vents increases the air flow and helps in keeping the temperature checked on the rider’s head during hot and tiring rides.

The paddings are soft, removable, anti-bacterial and washable for added comfort and hygiene. The fitment of the helmet can be adjusted according to your head size through the internal regulator provided at the back of the helmet.

The side straps of Lixada cycle helmet also functions well to offer a snug yet comfortable fit.

The helmet also comes with a detachable sun visor and UV400 protection, which offers excellent protection to your eyes by blocking the harmful ultraviolet rays and also reduces the stress on your eyes caused by the strong light from the sun.

The mountain bike helmet is available in six interesting colors, such as black, blue, green, white, orange, and red.



Exculsky mountain bike helmets are among the most stylish mountain bike helmets available. Priced at around $35, this MTB helmet comes with thickened multi density EPS foam, which is CPSC certified in the United States.

The 18-vent design offers optimal in and out air passage. Weighing just 320g, they are among the lightest MTB helmets available and provide the rider with an enjoyable and fatigue free riding experience.

It also offers single-handed fitment adjustment with the help of the round dial on its back strap, making the helmet easily fit on head.

It also comes equipped with a reinforced detachable large sun visor with optimal protection for your eyes.

The visor also provides comfortable broad sights, as it can be easily moved upwards. To ensure freshness and hygiene, the interior liner may be removed and washed.

The Exclusky mountain bike helmet is available in a wide range of colors, such as black, black gray, fluorescent green, radiant blue, gray, purple, white, as well a combination of white, blue and yellow.

For ultimate peace of mind, the manufacturer provides a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for their products.



The Monkfire mountain bike helmet comes equipped with some best in the segment features without compromising on quality.

Priced at around $29, the Monkfire MTB helmet is made out of lightweight, strong, and durable PC material and high-density EPS foam which greatly helps in absorbing the impact in case of a collision.

The helmet is also equipped with best in class USB light with 9 different modes and can charge in just 2 hours. Equipped with 17 air vents, regulation of internal temperature is well reduced.

The bicycle helmet dial fit system combines straightforward, one-handed tightness and height adjustments into a single system, ensuring a perfect and comfortable fit for most head shapes.

The straps are breathable and have a stable branch buckle. The reflective stripes on the straps not only help improve safety but also provide an aesthetic appeal to the mountain bike helmet.

The detachable goggles can block most of the sunlight and reduces the strain on the eyes. The lightly tinted glass is ideal for riding in most weather conditions.



PTSOC mountain bike helmets are among the most versatile MTB helmets available in the market.

Priced at about $42, the PTSOC MTB helmets are equipped with best-in-class features, which makes them versatile enough to be used as a mountain bike helmet, endure helmet, or street helmet.

The helmets are CPSC certified and are made of PC shell with EPS foam with provides reliable protection. The EPS construction and moisture-controlling replaceable liner provide excellent comfort.

The 11 vents provide adequate ventilation for airflow. The bike also comes with a color safety light at the rear that is preset with three flickers, which further assist in increasing the visibility of the rider to oncoming traffic.

The helmet also comes with a detachable sun visor, which makes it suitable for both mountain and road biking. The two-screw fitment of the visor provides easy fitment and removal.

The helmet is also covered under a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee by the manufacturer. The available colors are dark green, gray, and red.



Kuulla mountain bike helmets are best suited for those in search of a minimalistic yet safe MTB helmet. The Kuulla MTB helmet is priced around $32 to $39 depending on the size variants.

The helmet is made from a high-density PC shell and EPC foam, which is capable of absorbing the impact forces. These helmets are made specifically for mountain biking.

It is equipped with an easy-use dial system and straps that are convenient to adjust the fitment for most riders.

The 23 vents provide maximum air ventilation and maximizing temperature regulation inside the helmet. The inner paddings are removable and washable.

At just 300g, they are extremely lightweight and fatigue-free on long rides. The detachable sun visor provides optimal protection for the rider’s eyes during sunny day



TOONEV mountain bike helmet is the most deserving contender for the category of best mtb helmet under 50, due to the reasonable price for which it is available on Amazon, and the user-friendly features including the LED lights.

This lightweight mountain bike helmet is the best cheap mountain bike helmet that can also be used in other vehicle service types such as sportbikes and street bikes.

Available in black and white colors, the mtb helmet has an adjustable size range from 54 to 62 cm. It is a unisex product that can be used by teenagers as well as adults.

The inner part of the helmet is made using high-density EPS material and has a thicker PC shell material.

The sellers of this product claim this budget mtb helmet to have a safer reinforcement effect when compared to its traditional counterparts, due to the advanced molding technology used during the production of TOONEV.

The LED light, equipped with size regulators is a great feature that makes it worth the investment. The LED lights come in three modes, namely, flashing & fast flashing, slow, and steady.

Fitted on the back of the helmet, the LED lights of the TOONEV mountain bike helmet will help you ride smoothly in the night sans the distractions of other traffic. The battery lasts for more than 36 days when used for two hours a day.

With a thicker design, this mountain bike helmet can endure greater impacts, making this a relatively safe helmet to us on your mountain ride. This budget mtb helmet is highly ventilated, with 18 holes in the honeycomb pattern.

The high-end ventilation design and aerodynamics help in keeping the rider’s head cool. The mountain bike helmet’s size ranges from 54 cm to 62 cm. The uncomplicated dial system and side straps make it easier to adjust for adults with different head sizes.



Made for mountain bike riders aged 16 or older, OUWOR mountain bike helmets are considered to provide a safer experience, due to the integrated molding technology used in the making of these helmets.

Priced at $37.99, the helmet has a modish design, and claims to provide more safety, thanks to the strong shell made using PC material and superior quality EPS foam used in the making.

Mountain biking becomes easy with the visor, which can be removed while you are on other bicycle activities. The visor is attached with two screws, which can be easily removed and fitted by a hand.

Available in five different color combinations, such as camouflage black + gray, black, camouflage blue, camouflage green, and titanium, this best mountain bike under 50 comes in 56-61 cm sizes, which is most suitable for adults and teenagers alike.

One can customize the fit by adjusting the chin strap and the rear dial. Made to perform well on endure and trails, on detaching the visor it becomes the perfect helmet to wear while commuting in the city and urban areas as well.

The helmet provides reasonable ventilation with 16 vents, keeping the rider’s head cool during long-distance riding. The inner pads are made of a soft sponge, which gives a comfortable experience for the rider, along with other features such as soft chinstraps and chin pads.

Fastening and releasing the strap buckles are easy, and the inner sponge pads can be easily removed for cleaning. The package comes with a carrying bag, along with the helmet.



This impact-resistant pink-colored bike helmet is priced at a meager $18.99 and comes with a CPSC certification. The helmet is made using a high-density polycarbonate case which can be a savior during the collision.

Specially designed for women adults, this mtb helmet has a superior aerodynamic design, with several vents offering great ventilation to the rider. The honeycomb vents are capable of keeping the rider’s head relatively cool even while riding during summer.

With an intense focus on safety, the helmet comes with bright rear lights and safety LED lights. The mountain bike helmet is attached with six LED lights, with three functions, such as fast flash, slow flash, and steady.

These lights help people behind the rider to see the bike’s direction clearly in the night. Suitable for 56-61 cm head circumference, the helmet is easily adjustable for different head sizes.

The detachable lining of the helmet absorbs the sweat effectively and hygiene can be maintained with timely cleaning. Apt for long mountain bike rides, this safest mtb helmet can also be used for other activities such as horse riding and other activities that require head protection.



Last but not least among the list of best mountain bike helmets under 50, the Kingbike helmets have the true-to-fit size and are available in a wide range of colors.

The incorporation of LED rear lights portrays the makers’ vision to provide superior safety to the riders. The LED safety lights can be switched to any of these three modes: slow flash, fast flash, and always on.

Extremely lightweight, with only 0.49 lbs, the polycarbonate shell provides safety while EPS lining gives utmost comfort to the rider. Head sizes catered to are 54-49 cm that comes under M & L, and, 59-63 cm that comes under L & XL.

A knob that is given on the back of the helmet helps in seamlessly adjusting the size. The mountain bike helmet has 24 vents, providing superior ventilation and the most comfortable riding experience wearing a helmet.

The package contains a bag and a visor. The visor gives great protection from sunlight and eye fatigue-caused strain. The available colors are matte black, black + titanium, black + green, black + red, new black, green, titanium, white, white+ black, white + blue, black + rose red, and rose red.



Enclosing Thoughts

While all the products listed here are made of superior quality materials, there are significant differences in the ventilation, versatility, and safety features provided in the list of best mountain bike helmets under 50 dollars.

Choose your perfect MTB helmet, considering your riding style and the terrains on which you will be riding.

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