Top 7 Best Hydration Backpack For Cycling In 2023 Revealed

Your search for the best hydration backpack for cycling ends here.

A hydration pack is an essential gear for a mountain bike rider. However, choosing the best may seem to be a burdensome activity due to the several options available and the many claims that various sellers make regarding their products.

This comprehensive review will walk you through different hydration packs with superior functionality.

If you are in a hurry, I will share two of my favorite hydration packs in a comparison table below. The M.U.L.E for men and the L.U.X.E for women, both made by Camelbak, would be my first go-to choice.

Best Hydration Backpack For Cycling, Top 2 Favorites

Top Choice
Budget Choice

Being the pioneers of hydration packs, Camelbak and Vibrelli know precisely what the rider wants, and the functionalities focus on comfort at its best.

Both M.U.L.E and L.U.X.E hydration backpacks for mountain biking from Camelbak have a 3-liter water reservoir and commendable total storage capacity, making them highly versatile.

Why Are Hydration Backpacks Worth it?

Before we delve into the descriptive reviews, let us understand the importance of carrying a hydration backpack.

Isn’t it just enough to carry water bottles when you are riding on trails? The short answer is, hydration packs are, any day, a better alternative to carrying water bottles in a backpack.

Below are some reasons why:

7 Best Hydration Backpack For Cycling, In-Depth Review

Coming from the global hydration leader Camelbak the inventor of hands-free hydration packs, this best pack for mountain biking is a commendable addition to their thoughtful innovations.

Engineered for maximum stability on technical terrain, the M.U.L.E backpack offers total storage of 12 liters with a 3-liter Crux reservoir. The back panel and the harness vents give a relaxed and comfortable experience to the rider.

The backpacks are partially made with repurposed materials, making them a more eco-friendly version when compared to their contemporaries. The removable stability belt is an added feature, which provides stability while riding up the mountains.

The Sternum strap offers a range of adjustments for a proper fit and improved stability. The secure phone pockets are great to keep your phone and other essentials safe and secure while riding. Helmets and kneepads can also be carried easily on the front of the bag.

The most important feature, the Crux reservoir, has an ergonomic handle for more straightforward refilling, which helps in preventing leakage.

The Crux is put through a thorough stress test to ensure that it does not disappoint you on the trail. In addition, the water bladder can be closed quickly, preventing chances of dripping while it is not in use.

Available in multiple color combinations of black, this hydration backpack is of 100 oz capacity.



Vibrelli is a brand popular for its innovations that aim to deliver top-notch function, using an engineering technology focused on precision manufacturing.

This Vibrelli hydration backpack is one of their excellent products with superior features, making it on my list of best hydration packs for cycling.

This hydration pack provides a well-hydrated mountain biking experience with utmost comfort and health on the go. It is a lightweight hydration pack, and it has a high-performance bladder along with multiple storage compartments.

The highlight of this hydration backpack for cycling is the bite valve, designed for maximum flow without causing any mess due to leakage.

The easy to twist mouthpiece is designed for quick water flow and is easily locked, preventing further drips on the shoulders. The water drips easily into the mouth by rotating the valve at 90 degrees.

Made from high-quality medical-grade material free of BPAs and PVC and coated with a particular film made in the USA, the bladder does not give any bad taste, as is usually the case with most hydration backpack bladders.

With intelligent storage options and pockets, the hydration backpack for mountain biking does not look or feel bulky, making your mountain biking experience less cumbersome.

The emergency whistle attached to the strap will come in handy if you ever come across an emergency that requires you to call attention from people in the surroundings.

The ultra-lightweight straps are strong, wicks sweat easily, and the mesh design promotes breathability. In addition, the bladder pockets are insulated, which keeps them separate from the storage.

The multiple storage options will prove to be a great blessing if you prefer to carry snacks, wallets, keys, and phones, all in your backpack. In addition, the external mesh pocket is ideal for carrying your bike helmet or extra jacket without hassle.

Field-tested for durability, this hydration backpack is built to last significant distances. After all, a kit that does not perform well when you need it the most is the worse that can ever happen.



Another great innovation from Camelbak, the L.U.X.E hydration pack, is exclusively made for women for an exhaustive day on trails.

With a total storage capacity of 10 liters and a 3-liter Crux reservoir, the hydration pack can store enough water for a full-day ride.

Like its male counterpart, the L.U.X.E hydration pack for women also makes partial use of repurposed materials. In addition, it has an ergonomic handle for effortless refilling and a lever to prevent leakage.

The Air Director Back Panel keeps you cool by channeling the airflow.

This best hydration backpack for cycling has a removable stability belt meant to keep the bag fit and stable while you ride on technical trails or rocky mountains. The stability is improved with the adjustable Sternum strap.

The lightweight hydration pack is made breathable with the ventilated harness. The phone pockets perform well in securing your essentials while making them easily accessible. The helmet can also be secured well on the bag while you are riding the bike.

The cargo capacity of the hydration pack for mountain biking is 7 liter. Available in multiple vibrant colors, this is must-have gear for zealous biker girls out there.



Offering 12 liters of total storage, this is another contender for the best hydration packs for cycling from USWE.

The major highlight is its exclusive compartment dedicated to hydration and gear, zippered organizer pockets for tools, food, and other essentials. In addition, the strategically placed attachment straps in the backpack’s exterior are handy in resting our jacket or armor.

The bounce-free harness system, interestingly named as The No Dancing Monkey, stays true to the name without moving up and down even while riding on technical terrains.

In addition to the harness system, it consists of an elastic strap that expands during physical exertion.

The constantly tight, snug fit gives the ultimate freedom to move the rider while being hydrated throughout the ride. In addition, the well-ventilated and ergonomically designed shoulder straps offer a graceful distribution of weight over the shoulders.

The slider opening of the 3.0-liter water bladder reservoir makes it convenient to clean and dry. One can also put ice through the space while riding their mountain bike in hot weather.

The smooth Plug-n-Play tube that comes with the bladder enables more secure and easy management. The two tube clips that come with the hydration backpack help in securing the drink tube attachment.

Other prominent features that caught my eyes are the air-vented back panel, the provision to carry a helmet, the reflective points, and the led-light attachment on the rear panel.

The USWE hydration backpacks for mountain biking are available in multiple capacities and color combinations and are meant for pros and experts alike.



Well, this one comes with a very distinctive feature! I consider this one the best hydration packs for cycling, primarily due to the exclusive thermal insulation compartment, which can keep the water or other liquids you are carrying, up to 4 hours.

How about that feeling of gulping down some icy water during those long sweaty rides?! If you think you’ll love that feeling, then without any doubt, this best hydration backpack for mountain biking must be your companion on your next trail ride.

The hydration backpack consists of a 2-liter waterproof bladder, convenient opening for effortless cleaning and drying. You can also toss in some ice cubes through the opening.

The tube has an auto shut-off system while being removed, and the bladder will remain leak-proof. Just bite the mouthpiece, and you can quickly drink water.

Arvano claims that the bladder is taste-free and BPA-free, allowing you a pleasing hydration experience.

A great plus with this hydration pack is the vast storage capacity, which is usually not seen with many other hydration packs for mountain biking. Carrying your essentials will become a breeze with this hydration backpack.

It also consists of a net where you can secure your helmet. Finally, either side of the backpack comprises mesh pockets to carry bottles or other tiny essentials.

Apart from mountain bikers, hikers, travelers, and runners can also use the unique features offered by Arvano.



In simple terms, this hydration backpack for cycling can be described as the one which is highly ventilated thanks to the use of a 3D hydro reservoir.

With a significant focus on enhancing the riding experience, the Men’s Drift has an adjustable RS suspension and an upgraded Matrix back panel; these features promote the breathability and stability of the backpack.

The RS suspension is adjustable and vented and has a stability belt to prevent bouncing and offer a snug fit. The reservoir with a 3-liter capacity has a 3D design, is soft molded, and is integrated with a drying hanger.

The particular Quicstow system offers a secure solution to store your sunglasses on the shoulder harness.

The organization management of this hydration pack is enabled with a front zippered pocket and key clip, stretchable mesh pockets, and reflective attachment loops. The shoulder harness, which is die-cut, has a magnetic sternum buckle and hose clip for the bite valve.

The weight of this best hydration backpack for mountain biking is 1.56 lbs. The maximum weight that can be carried is 15 lbs or 10 liters. Available in vibrant orange and classic black colors.



Specifically designed for mountain biking, the USWE Airborne limited race edition backpack has a patented 4-point race harness system, which offers a fully bounce-free, snug fit to the rider.

The harness system, an award-winning patented technology, keeps the backpack snug to your body without obstructing breathability or ease of movement.

The shoulder straps allow excellent ventilation, with ergonomic form-fit. The chest straps offer exceptional stretch support, another reason why it’s great for those who feel suffocated quickly.

The storage capacity of this hydration pack is nine liters, with a hydration bladder of a three-liter capacity or 100 oz hydration system. In addition, the hydration bladder comes with a plug-and-play coupling, making it user-friendly.

Excluding the bladder, the hydration pack weighs 1.8 lb or 815 grams and has a frivolous mesh back panel, giving an almost invisible, light feeling on your back.

The pockets and gear attachments have an organization pocket, a phone pocket, and a stash pocket. The hydration backpack’s organization pocket helps keep your tools and gear safe.

The phone pocket provided at the back is water-resistant, with an internal size of 3-6.3 inches. And the stash pocket is conveniently placed to secure your tiny but valuable belongings. It can also quickly secure a full-face helmet.

Since the USWE Airborne mountain cycling hydration packs are engineered to make impactful mountain biking ease, this can be used for other cycling activities, making it one of the best hydration packs for cycling.



Final Words

I hope that you find my comprehensive review and analysis helpful. My goal with this post is to choose the best backpack for cycling much easy.

Biking Know How was born to share my passion for mountain biking. My goal is to help mountain bikers make the right choices when it comes to product selection.

Do check out other posts that I have done about mountain biking. Here’s wishing you a happy and comfortable ride.