Top 9 Best Fingerless Mountain Bike Gloves for 2023

Are you looking for the best fingerless mountain bike gloves for 2021? Are fingerless mountain biking gloves any better than their full-finger counterparts? Let us find out.

Read on because we have done the heavy lifting for you. We have ranked top 9 options for fingerless gloves using our expert, unbiased review system. Our recommendations are suitable for hot weather as well as all-weather.

If you are in a rush, please check out our two best picks in the table below.

Best Fingerless Mountain Bike Gloves, Our Top 2 Picks

Versatile Choice
CONSTRUCTION Lycra, Microfiber Material
WEIGHT Not Available
Special Features Led Flashlight
Best Choice
CONSTRUCTION Lycra, Microfiber Material
WEIGHT 7.1 Ounces
Special Features Strong Mesh

Advantages of Fingerless Mountain Bike Gloves

Also known as half-finger mountain bike gloves or short finger mountain bike gloves, these gloves are preferred by riders primarily due to the grip that they offer while riding on rough terrains.

Even though these are used mainly during hot weather, many mountain bike riders resort to half-finger gloves during cold weather. Fingerless mountain bike gloves can keep your hands cool and dry, avoiding the chances of slippery hands.

They also make it easier to use your mobile phones or do other necessary activities with your hands. In short, short finger gloves give more agility when compared to full-finger ones.

Best Fingerless Mountain Biking Gloves For Hot Weather

Made of nylon mesh, the breathability of these hand gloves makes them the best half-finger mountain bike gloves for hot weather. It also features high-density foam to protect the palm and enable the reduction of friction and handlebar vibrations.

The gloves offer superior comfort to the wearer with a sleek design, adjustable wrist closures that provide a secure and snug fit, and easy removal and wearing experience with finger-pull tabs.

The gloves are made using durable material, making them a versatile choice for mountain bike riding and road cycling, and racing activities.

Cyclists recommend using these gloves due to their performance-enhancing qualities. In addition, using a comfortable pair of gloves is essential to avoid reducing pain and causing damage to fingers and nerves.

The brand offers an online sizing chart that helps in choosing the perfect size. The Cyclone men’s fingerless cycling gloves from Crown Gear are currently available in small and XXL sizes, in red and black.




The elasticized fabric with strong knitted mesh makes it the critical feature that brings YADSHENG cycling gloves to the list of best fingerless mountain bike gloves for hot weather.

The strength of the mesh ensures that the mountain gloves are not easily deformed. These voguish yet comfortable gloves are highly breathable and designed for use by men and women.

This is a highly versatile fingerless mountain bike glove that can also be used during other cycling activities and rock climbing, at the gym, or even while driving, hiking, or jogging.

It provides a shock-absorption feature while also preventing pain and fatigue to a great extent. In addition, the sellers claim that these are low-carbon green gloves, which are not only comfortable for the wearer but also easy on the planet.

The moisture-absorbing feature of the fabric used makes it ideal for wearing for sports activities as well. Weighing 7.1 ounces, these fingerless cycling gloves for men and women are available in multiple colors: red, blue, green, and white.

The available sizes are Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL), and Double Extra Large (XXL).



Our third choice of the best half-finger mountain bike gloves for hot weather is from Siet, with multiple holes that provide improved ventilation.

The padding used in the gloves promotes shock absorption and acts as a buffer in minimizing numbness and vibration on damp roads.

The gloves boast excellent grip and control on the handlebar due to microfiber leather material, which is wear-resistant. The breathable fabric also wicks moisture efficiently from hands, keeping them dry and cool.

The flexibility and sensitivity are enhanced with adhesive tape closure that adjusts to the wrists easily. The mountain bike gloves also come with finger loops that enable you to remove the gloves effortlessly without turning them inside out.

The functionality of the gloves is furthered with a soft towel cloth near the thumb, which can be used to wipe off sweat. In addition, these unisex mountain bike gloves have lycra as the back material, which makes them super-absorbent and soft.

Weighing around 200g, these fingerless gloves are available in a single exciting color combination and Medium, Large & Extra-Large sizes.




Hestra guard short-finger mountain bike gloves make it to our list due to several features that it encompasses to give all-day comfort to the wearer.

Made of silicone and wool, the padding of these mountain bike gloves protects the knuckles, and the breathable mesh back makes riding in hot weather bliss. In addition, the mesh back helps in keeping the hands cool and dry.

The palm area has gel padding that promotes shock absorption while riding on demanding terrains. The gloves give a better grip on handlebars due to the use of silicone material on the palms. The mountain bike gloves can be easily removed using the loops attached between the gloves’ fingers.

What’s more? The gloves consist of a woolen area to wipe away sweat from the nose. This means the rider does not have to slow down and reach out for a tissue while riding.

They are available in exciting colors that are pleasing to the eyes, such as turquoise, navy blue, petrol, light pink, and classic black. Moreover, the gloves are machine washable.



Made of lycra material, this is one of the best fingerless mountain bike gloves for hot weather on our list for several reasons.

Most importantly, the soft lycra material and the mesh area on top of the mountain bike gloves make them highly elastic and breathable, respectively.

The six SBR shock pads provided at different areas of the gloves give sufficient cushioning in palm areas that come in contact with the handlebars. These shock pads are a joy when riding long trails, as they help in countering numbness.

However, the cushioning does not make the gloves bulky. These fingerless gloves for hot weather have a snug fit and have an absorbing towel on the thumb area to wipe off sweat.

Removing these mountain bike gloves for men and women is made easy with the tabs that you will find on two fingers. In addition, the gloves fit nicely on the wrist when the easy-to-use buckle is adjusted well.

The sellers recommend using a larger size if your size falls between the ones given along with the product. In addition, the gloves provide superior comfort to the wearer, ensuring enhanced movement and agility.

Gentle hand wash is recommended for proper cleaning of the gloves. These half-finger mountain bike gloves are available in orange, black, blue, red, and green.




Best Fingerless Mountain Biking Gloves For All Weather

If you prefer leather to other faux materials, you will indeed have your heart set on this vibrant pair of gloves from INBIKE.

Inbike has been a veteran in manufacturing and supplying sports products for many years. The brand is known for its choice of high-quality materials, advanced techniques used, and strict quality control procedures followed during the manufacturing of its products.

These half-finger gloves from Inbike can be used as motorcycle gloves, mountain bike gloves, driving, or even training. Made of goatskin, these soft gloves stretch naturally, providing utmost comfort.

Suitable to wear for long hours, these are the perfect mountain bike gloves for all weathers. The breathable mesh on the back of the gloves deals with humidity to keep your hands cool and dry.

The gloves come with an EVA pad and EUDE foam, which protect your hands from abrasion and shock, respectively. The gel pad also makes the glove more durable by resisting wear and tear.

These highly versatile best fingerless mountain bike gloves have an ambidextrous hand orientation and hoop and lock closure for a snug fit.

The non-slip patch and pull-tab at the wrist make it convenient to wear and remove the gloves. Suitable for men and women, these gloves are designed to protect your hands in all seasons and weather.

The makers of these leather gloves insist on hand-washing the gloves for unsurpassed durability and functionality. They also recommend avoiding hot water, strong bleach, and acid wash to keep the gloves in shape for a more extended period.

Drying in the sun can also deform the gloves, and hence remember always to dry them in the shade.



Whether you are looking for the best fingerless mountain bike gloves for cold or hot weather, HIRZL Grippp tour leather bike gloves could be your perfect choice.

The highlight of these gloves is the all-weather grip that it provides with its unique GRIPPP technology that allows effective steering control and grip, irrespective of the weather you are riding in.

The seller claims that the technology offers three times more grip in dry conditions and five times more grip in wet conditions than other similar gloves.

Made of leather, these gloves also have a lycra membrane that allows sweat absorption, which helps in avoiding hand slips during bike rides. The half-finger design, along with foam consistency, aids in achieving a fantastic hold on the handlebars.

With their very own Tour SF palm inserts, stretchable, 360 degree move low-wrist construction, the lycra membrane on the backhand provides a comfortable experience to the mountain bike rider.

Easy finger movements are made possible with the stretch-fit thumb inserts made of lycra. In addition, the leather palms and the gel padding protect your hands from bumps and shocks.

You also need not worry about blisters that generally appear during long rides due to frequent gear changes. The leather material used is thick, which may save your hands from injuries in case of an unpredicted event while riding.

These half-finger gloves are considered one of the best fingerless mountain bike gloves because of their durability, all credit to the kangaroo leather that undergoes extensive tanning as part of the production process.

The rugged construction makes the leather tear-resistant. In addition, the pull-on and pull-off tabs make the wearing and removal processes easier.

What’s more? These mountain biking gloves have micro-fleece wipes on thumbs to help wipe away sweat easily while riding. These half-finger gloves can also be used as athlete gloves or road bike gloves.

Available in black color, these fingerless leather gloves are best in terms of availability of different sizes. Cold wash is recommended for these half finger gloves made in an ergonomic fashion using Swiss technology.




Voted well by customers for the effective placement of gel padding, Pearl Izumi Men’s mountain bike gloves have a lot more to offer the riders.

With a synthetic leather palm, the low-profile wiping solution provided on the thumb, and a snug fit, the gloves are just what every rider dream of getting their hands on!

The gel padding is excellent to quell the numbness that you may feel after a long ride. The ergonomic design of the gloves makes it undisputedly one of the best fingerless mountain bike gloves for everyday use, irrespective of riding in hot or cold weather.

The strategically placed tabs on two fingers make wearing and removing the gloves a breeze. The palm consists of a mix of materials to ensure the most comfortable experience for the rider.

The gloves comprise a high percentage of polyester and polyamide, while polyethylene, elastane, and cotton are also used to improve the functionality of these mountain bike gloves for men.

The materials used also ensure that the gloves are soft and long-lasting. Made for the outgoing riders, the gloves come in five exciting color combinations, typically various sizes.



Indeed one-of-a-kind, we find this to be one of the aptest contenders for the best fingerless mountain bike gloves due to the several features that it encompasses.

A highly versatile pair of fingerless gloves, the highlight of these gloves is the LED flashlight that could prove to be a revelation during night rides or any other activities such as a mechanical repair or electrical work that may require you to hold a torch in hand.

The three light modes it comprises can help turn your works in the dark into an effortless affair. In addition, this portable flashlight can be donned on your hands with four lights and three ways, making it simple to use.

Moving on to durability, the gloves are made of thin microfiber material in the palm and lycra in the backhand.

The palm is thickened with a silicone gel pad and is expected to stay in shape for an extended period. The half-finger gloves have small holes in them, which enable ventilation, keeping your hands dry even during lengthy rides.

Available in green and black colors, these fingerless cycling gloves are available in sizes ranging from Small (S) to Double extra-large (XXL).



Final Words

We hope this list of the best fingerless mountain bike gloves will help you buy a perfect pair of gloves. We have selected the gloves keeping in mind the comfort that they should offer to mountain bike riders.

Besides the gloves, you should also consider getting things like good pair of biking glasses best ones are the Pit Vipers, a strong mountain bike helmet, and a nice hydration bag. These accessories are needed to ensure that you have a safe mountain biking experience. 

If you decide to purchase any of these products, we request you to use the links provided in this article. By doing this, you shall help us keep Biking Know How going. We promise to bring you excellent resources that will help you become a better mountain biker.