6 Best Enduro MTB Elbow Pads (Your Guide For 2023)

If you are here looking for the best enduro elbow pads, you may already know why it’s important to wear one while mountain biking.

Fell free to skip this part and get to the list of the most recommended mtb elbow pads.

If you are still unsure why it is important to wear an elbow pads, let me help you with some right information.

Mountain bike accidents are a common occurrence on trails, and it is important that the riders are equipped with all the right gear when they hit the trails.

Especially, when you are on an enduro ride, you are at higher risk of crashes.

Wearing the best enduro elbow pads will help resist impact, reducing the chances of any injury to your elbow area.

Best Enduro Elbow Pads For MTB (Top 2 Picks)

Value For Money
Features Light-Weight, Great Protection, Good Ventilation
Features Wrap-Around Design, Hard Outer Shell, Anti-Abrasion Layer

Key Things To Look For In MTB Enduro Elbow Pads

Protection should be the first thing to look for, when you choose an elbow pad for mountain biking.

Next comes comfort.

You should be able to wear them on for a long time without any aches or uneasiness while riding your mountain bike.

I personally prefer lightweight elbow pads.

Benefit of using a lightweight elbow pad is that they make you forget that you are wearing one.

The other aspect to look for is the fit and ventilation.

A well-fitting elbow pad will not slide down the arms and will not be too tight.

A tight elbow pad can result in forming blood clots or block blood circulation while bike riding.

While ventilation is a personal preference, most people like to keep their elbows cool even while riding in the hot sun.

6 Best Enduro Elbow Pads For MTB (Descriptive Review)

Fox racing’s enduro mountain biking elbow pads boasts of a flexible, low profile fit, top-notch comfort, and amazing coverage.

Made using the D30 technology, the elbow pad is designed to stiffen during an impact.

This helps in dissipating energy.

As a result, the impact that reaches the body is lessened to a great extent.

The enduro elbow pad comes from the makers of mountain biking gears that are popular for their vast range of collection in MTB helmets, jerseys, gloves, and the likes.



These elbow pads from Leatt Brace comes with an anti-slip forearm X-strap and the bicep lining made from silicone.

The aramid layer on the exterior makes the elbow pad durable and resistant to abrasion.

The AirMesh fabric used for designing the elbow pads helps get rid of odor.

The fit and function of the elbow pad is superior, thanks to the pre-curved design that is adopted by Leatt Brace.

Leatt, popular for their range of protective guards, has this elbow pad on their Amazon store.

These elbow pads have a hard shell and a sliding surface.

They offer supirior impact absorption feature, vented plates and moisture wicking fabric.

The 3D design of these enduro elbow pads offer maximum fit and ensure maximum airflow.

The fabric used for designing these elbow pads ensure that your elbows stay cool even after a long and enduring mountain bike ride.



Troy Lee Designs offer adult elbow pads that are lightweight and breathable.

Made of synthetic material, these elbow pads stay in place even during a long mountain bike ride.

So, you don’t have to keep fiddling with the pad while you are riding the bike.

These enduro elbow pads have an elastic silicone gripper as the closure.



The CE 1621-1 certified e-line elbow pads from G-form has a host of features that give utmost comfort and protection to the bike rider.

The form fitting offered by the SmartFlex pads absorb impacts very well.

These lightweight elbow pads are flexible and designed to harden on impact.

These elbow pads come with hard shells which give superior protection and the ability to slide on hard surfaces.

The four-layer ventilation is aimed at providing active airflow.

The technical mesh offers breathability to these elbow pads.

The fit-strap on pads are adjustable, and the flatlock stitching helps in reducing irritation, making these elbow pads comfortable to ride with.

With amazing fit, comfort, and breathability, the E-line enduro elbow pads cater to the needs of advanced mountain bike riders who get enough adrenaline rush from tackling the technical terrains.

You can also use these elbow pads on an e-bike or motocross.



These lightweight elbow pads from POC offer top-notch features.

They are designed for mountain bikers looking for enhanced flexibility, freedom, and ventilation.

The fabric used in these elbow pads is reinforced, and made with stretch material.

Hence these elbow pads offer the ultimate comfort for bike riders.

The crash retention strap makes it tough and gives a more comfortable fit.

These enduro elbow pads also encompass a neoprene anti-slip on the inside.

The simple design of these elbow pads is for those who like to keep it low profile.



Made exclusively for young riders, these elbow pad by Ontyzz focus on offering utmost protection. 

These elbow pads have a thick sponge pad, which make them impact-resistant and effective at helping with relieving from the pain in the event of a crash.

These elbow pads come with an elastic edge which is non-slip, and can be attached to the arm during the bike rides.

The non-slip edge and the back-opening pattern is designed to make movements easier and comfortable.

The high-strength latex fabric used in the making of these elbow pads makes them easy to wear and remove.

These elbow pads can be worn even during a long ride, as it helps in protecting the joints and relieving stress.



8 Common FAQs About Best Enduro Elbow Pads

1. How should MTB elbow pads fit?

Elbow pads provide protection to the MTB rider’s joints without hindering their movement.

Hence, the elbow pads should be close fitting, but at the same time, shouldn’t be too tight that it prevents the rider from moving their arms freely.

A close-fitting elbow pad will stay put in its place wherein, during an impact, the protective inserts will be right in their place.

In short, they should slightly squeeze your arms, without giving a feeling of losing blood circulation.

2. Should enduro elbow pads be lightweight?

Yes, elbow pads for enduro biking must be lightweight.

A lightweight enduro elbow pads make it comfortable to use them on long rides.

Unlike heavy pads, the best enduro elbow pads that are lightweight do not come off easily.

Hence, it is preferred by most enduro riders.

3. What are the best elbow pad brands?

Some of the best elbow pad brands are discussed in this article.

These best enduro elbow pad brands are Fox Racing, Leatt, G-Form, POC Sports, and Ontyzz.

4. Are soft elbow pads comfortable for enduro mountain biking?

Yes, soft elbow pads are the best for enduro mountain biking.

Soft elbow pads are lightweight and very comfortable for a bike ride.

5. How are MTB elbow pads measured?

MTB elbow pads are measured using a measurement tape.

First, keep the tape around your biceps and take the measurement.

Now, repeat the process and take the measurement around your forearm.

6. How do you wear elbow pads?

First, the strap should be removed if any, and the pad should be placed on the elbow.

Now, fasten the straps, and make sure that its tight, but not too tight that it hurts you and blocks the blood circulation.

7. Can elbow pads cause blood clots while mountain biking?

Elbow pads that are too tight might cause blood clots while mountain biking.

Hence, it is important to choose the best enduro elbow pads that fit just right.

8. Are the enduro elbow pads available in different lengths?

Elbow pads are available in varied lengths.

Bike riders can choose one depending on the support and protection they are looking for.

The smallest elbow pads are designed to cover the joint, while longer ones go up to the wrist, giving added protection.

Long elbow pads can also keep the arms warm during cold riding conditions.


All the best enduro elbow pads mentioned in this article are widely recommended by mountain bikers.

Find out which elbow pads suit your riding style the most. 

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