Top 7 Best Budget MTB Glasses For 2023

Are you here looking for the best budget mtb glasses online? You are in the right place.

With hundreds of options available online, and many different kinds of customer reviews you may find it exhausting to find a pair of mtb sunglasses that suit your purse and eyes the most.

Here I have compiled a list of 7 mtb glasses, in the hope to answer your questions and concerns. If you are in a hurry, do not worry. I will tell you two of my favorite models in the comparison table below. You can check them out right away.

Best Budget MTB Glasses, 2 Top Picks

Top Choice
CONSTRUCTION Grilamid- TR90 Frame, Polycarbonate Lens
Special Features Adaptability To The Light Conditions
Budget Choice
CONSTRUCTION Rugged TR90 Frame, Polycarbonate Lens
Special Features Polarized, Interchangeable Lens

Advantages of MTB Glasses

Before we go to my findings, let me ask you a question. Are mtb glasses important? Can you do without it? The answer is, it is as important as your helmet while riding in the mountains.

Mtb glasses, like protective gear, keep bugs, leaves, sticks, dust, UV rays, etc. away from your eyes. The sunglasses can also protect your eyes from injuries that may occur due to an accident while riding the bike.

Mtb glasses are reasonably priced, and having them ensures that you have a comfortable ride.

Photochromic features, earpads, nose pads, and vented lenses are some things one must look for while making a buying decision about mountain biking glasses.

7 Best Budget MTB Glasses, Descriptive Review

Tifosi has multiple options in sunglasses, but I choose this since this is most apt for mountain bike riding, and falls under the best budget mtb glasses category.

Even though this is not exclusively made for mountain bike riding, this is great at eliminating intense sunlight that flashes through the trees.

With Grilamid- TR90 frames and Enliven polycarbonate lenses, the Tifosi Crit is a high performer in terms of comfort, functionality, and durability.

The frames offer a custom fit, with adjustable arm ends covered in hydrophilic rubber (earpads).

The soft rubber grips more onto the skin when they get wet due to sweat or rain. Similarly, the nose pad is also adjustable and snugly fits on the nose while you ride your bike on varying terrains.

Apart from the rubber elements that do all this magic, the lightweight frames also keep the mtb sunglasses in place.

Tifosi claims that the material used for frame construction is capable of preventing the damage caused by UV rays, making it a durable option in budget mtb glasses.

Moreover, the vented lenses reduce the possibility of fogging up, giving a clearer visual experience.

These remarkable pair of glasses which incorporates scratch-resistant, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses, give great clarity to the rider while riding in different light conditions; these mtb glasses perform exceptionally well in winter.



If you want to feel your gears with your heart, then these budget mtb glasses from KAPVOE are a must-have!

The intimate and humane design of these glasses has won hearts already, and here I will list my favorite features of this eyewear.

This is just perfect for high-speed riding, thanks to the lens that has low air resistance due to its curved design.

These best budget mtb glasses come in four extra interchangeable lenses to serve different needs; such as colorful lens, polarized black lens, yellow lens, and silver lens.

The colorful lens construction is of polycarbonate material which is twenty-fold more impact resistant when compared to glass.

These lightweight lenses also offer protection from UV 400 rays.

The polarized black lens help negate the glare that appears as a reflection from water, glass, snow, and the likes, relax your eyes and provide a better visual experience.

The yellow lens gives a better riding experience during foggy or rainy days as well as during early morning, dusk, and night.

The visual experience is provided by enhancing the brightness and contrast and reducing the dazzle. The clear lens will prove to be your best aid when you are out in the mountains riding your bike on a cloudy day or in low light conditions.

The silver lens would make your casual outdoor sports and beach visit a bliss by effectively reducing the intensity of light that reaches your eyes. Some users vouch for the protection these glasses give when used after lens implants.

The frames of the glasses are made of lightweight TR90 rugged material, which will give you a comfortable feel even after long hours of wearing them.

The package includes one myopia frame and a coating lens, apart from the other four additional lenses.

What’s more? The glasses come in a very hard case, for effortless storage.



Cateye from Rockbros is one of the best budget mtb glasses available, with eight layers of effective coating for ultimate protection from UV400 rays.

The coating of these unisex glasses effectively reduces the glare from different sources.

The design of the angle and radian of the polarized lens is in such a manner that it almost never gives a distorted or dizzy feeling to the wearer.

One of my favorite features is its impact resistance, something that cannot be compromised upon when you are riding up in the mountains.

Though there are mtb glasses in a lesser price range that may look similar to this, the feature that makes this top-notch is the colored and polarized option in one lens.

The lenses are strong, and hence great to resist impact while mountain bike riding.

The anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, and anti-greasy glasses are easy to clean.

The ROCKBROS mtb sunglasses are lightweight and sit comfortably on the face.

The six grooves have anti-skin properties, which prevent the glasses from sliding off while riding on rough terrains.

The nosepad is made of rubber, and is soft and comfortable on the nose; you will be able to feel the difference especially if you have a differently-shaped bridge.

Just pinch them to fit, and the nose pads will retain their shape.

This feature also makes it suitable to wear over prescription glasses.

This is a highly versatile glass, that can be used not just as mtb sunglasses, but also while driving, skiing, fishing, trekking, and other similar outdoor activities.



Your outdoor endeavors, especially mountain bike rides could be made safer with these polarized sunglasses from Zonnok.

The TAC lenses (triacetate) are polarized, offering a clearer vision by eliminating glares that occur due to reflections of various light sources.

The glasses provide superior protection from UVA and UVB sun rays and work well under any weather condition. The polarized coating also aids in preventing eye fatigue.

Constructed using TR90 frame material, the sunglasses are great at resisting impact. They also offer superior optics and comfort for all-day use.

Moreover, the periphery of the frame is a single piece, and wide-sided, which stabilizes the lens body and lasts longer without any deformity.

These glasses come in a one-piece lens, though you can choose from a variety of color options. This is a highly versatile pair of glasses that can be used during several outdoor activities such as fishing, skiing, racing, climbing, and the likes.



One of the most sought-after best budget mtb glasses, the 100% Accuri range of sunglasses is a trusted companion for mtb riders.

With great lens quality, cleanness, comfort, and value for money, the glasses meet the expectation of riders with their superior functionality.

Unlike several of their competitors that claim to be “clear glasses,” but fogs up when used, these provide a really clear visual experience to the rider, with the anti-fog lens made using polycarbonate coating.

The goggles come in premium design, with an enhanced field of view. The glasses have improved fitness, making them the perfect pair of mtb glasses. The three-layer ultra-thick foam offers amazing moisture management and feels comfortable on the face.

The lens is secured well in the frame, using a nine-point lens retention system, which is a blessing during mountain rides. 100% Accuri comes with three interchangeable lenses, such as Racecraft 2, Accuri 2, & Strata 2.



Coming from Bertoni, the renowned Italian brand with about three decades of experience in the sport-optic market, these glasses are popular for their comfort and fit combined with technology.

These best budget mtb glasses have a wrap-around design that offers a peripheral vision. The glasses protect the rider’s eyes from the wind.

The photochromic lenses are capable of adapting to changes in light, making them a versatile option during any weather condition.

Made of 100 % nylon mesh frame and high-quality polycarbonate lens, the mtb glasses are made following strict quality control procedures. The non-polarized Bertoni mtb glasses come with an anti-fog coating and are suitable for all kinds of faces.

Further to providing 100% protection from UV rays, the glasses have a superior grip at the nose pad and tip of the arms, which is an essential feature for mtb glasses.

The exclusive New Sunsensor photochromatic lens adapts well for conditions from category 0 to 3; wherein the category 0 transparent includes bad weather, foggy days, and indoor adaptations, and category 3 sun tint adapts to high brightness and outdoor conditions.

The Bertoni impact-resistant mtb glasses also pass the “drop ball anticrash test.”



Just like its sibling, photochromic glasses from Rockbros are one that is sure to win your heart.

Depending on the intensity of light, the glasses change their colors; they will be dark gray on sunny days, light gray when it’s the cloudy, and transparent color at the night or when you are in the room. However, these changes do not affect your perception of color.

The built-in frame construction is another feature that enhances the visual experience, as it offers a better peripheral view.

The photochromic glasses from Rockbros provide 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. They are lightweight and made of an unbreakable TR90 frame.

The nimbleness of the goggles makes it easy on your nose and temples, giving a comfortable experience while riding your TR90 bike. The nosepad is another amazing feature for which your nose will thank you.

Though these budget mtb glasses seem to be exclusively made for cycling, you can use them for other outdoor activities, such as driving, playing golf or tennis, skiing, racing, and so on, if required.

The best part is, Rockbros offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product.



Enclosing Thoughts

I hope this list of the best budget mtb glasses will help you make an informed decision. Now, squint your eyes and look at the various options available for beginners and experts alike.

Our resources will help you choose the right sunglasses for your mountain biking needs.

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