Are Polarized Sunglasses Good For Mountain Biking? (Answer REVEALED)

If you are wondering whether polarized sunglasses are good for mountain biking, well, the short answer is:


Polarized sunglasses are great for mountain biking. 

I am sure that you would have a much better experience on your mountain bike wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses compared to riding your bike without them.

But like any other topic, you may still have many questions about polarized sunglasses. So here I’ll try to debunk some of them.

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What Are Polarized Sunglasses?

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Polarized sunglasses are designed to reduce the glare from surfaces such as road, snow, glass, and water.

For example, glare can distort images when you are on a mountain bike, making it difficult to understand what you are seeing. This could lead to crashes or other untoward incidents.

Polarized sunglasses have a coating that eliminates glare and enhances the clarity of vision. Technically, Polarized lenses absorb and block horizontal light and allow vertical light to enter, eliminating glare.

Common FAQs On Polarized MTB Sunglasses

1. Are Polarized Sunglasses Good For Everyday Use?

Polarized sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful rays of the sun, and they reduce reflected glare. This, in turn, helps in a clearer vision.

Hence, even if you ride your mountain bike every day or use your bike for your daily commute, using polarized glasses in bright sunlight would help better vision while protecting your eyes from the UV rays.

2. Does Polarized Sunglasses Reduce Eyestrain?

Polarized sunglasses can significantly reduce eyestrain.

Especially when you are on a long ride or involved in any other outdoor activity in the sun, wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses can significantly reduce eye strain.

3. Is It Bad If Your Sunglasses Are Not Polarized?

If you choose to ride your mountain bike every day wearing non-polarized sunglasses, from my understanding, I would say you are putting your eyes at risk.

Regular sunglasses do not eliminate glare and do not help reduce eye strain much.

However, polarized sunglasses are not required when riding your mountain bike in low light conditions or at night with no street lights.

4. Are All Polarized Sunglasses UV Protected?

UV protection and polarization are two different things. Polarized sunglasses that are UV protected would be labeled thus. 

Therefore, it is best not to assume that your sunglasses are UV protected unless mentioned on the product packaging or the description of making the purchase online.

7 Best Polarized Sunglasses For Mountain Biking

These polarized sunglasses from TOREGE has a distinctive coating that uses saltwater resistant, oleophobic, and hydrophilic coating technology.

This makes it ideal when you are up in the mountains and when playing hard in seawater.

Rest assured, with complete polarization, your glasses do not have reflected glare and are easy on your eyes due to the reduced eye strain you would experience after wearing the glasses.

Moreover, polarized sunglasses have a beautifully colorful coating that offers better visibility and contrast.

The lens is made using TAC material, which provides excellent clarity, along with scratch-resistant, impact-resistant features.

The polarized sunglasses are ideal for wearing on long rides as they are lightweight and typically do not cause any discomfort.

The polarized sunglass frames from TOREGE  are not only lightweight but also flexible and UV and heat resistant.

Mountain biking is an activity that causes a lot of sweat, and that’s why the no-slip nose pad is essential!

However, the glass frame offers a good grip at the nose and temples, and hence sweat should not be a problem.

Whether you have a medium-sized face or a large face, the frames have hinges that can be adjusted to suit the size of your face.

As a result, testers think that the glasses would fit almost all face shapes and activities.



Great for mountain biking, these polarized sunglasses are extremely lightweight and made to withstand pressure.

The glasses are polarized with the help of Triacetate Cellulose, which is also known as TAC. This material has superior optical features, including scratch resistance.

The use of TAC material also prevents the PVA polarizing film from shrinkage.

The Rivbos polarized sunglasses are most favored for their stylish design that helps you ride your bike without compromising looks.



Let’s get straight to the most exciting part of these polarized sunglasses- the interchangeable lenses.

The PHMX polarized sunglasses have five interchangeable lenses to give you optimum performance. The lenses are yellow, black, two pieces Revo lenses and an HD clear lens.

The yellow lens helps your ride in the night more accessible, and you have the black polarized lens, which can kill the reflected light.

The Revo lens help extensively in reducing the intensity of light. If you are riding in a cloudy and low-light condition, the HD clear lens can be of great help.

The next exciting feature is the frames and the nose pads. The frames are made of TR90 material, which can take the pressure and impact significantly.

The adjustable nose pads made of soft rubber do a great job in providing the grip that your frame needs while being easy on your nose.

The concealed frame design is a notable feature of PHMAX polarized sunglasses. The frame is preferred by adults for its stylish look and durability.

In addition, the temples have a replaceable element, wherein the color can be replaced with white or black.

The case also includes a myopia frame, and TR90 glasses frame with the accessories that come with the glasses. The unisex glasses have no known safety issues and can resist impact greatly.



If you have decided to go for one of the best polarized sunglasses available in the market, go for so Oakley’s Plutonite Jawbreaker Shield glasses.

These sunglasses offer protection from UV rays and blue light to the extent of 400mm. The lenses not only protect you from ultraviolet rays but also stays impact resistant.

The technology used for the lenses is called PRIZM, which has superior functionality in boosting the clarity of vision by providing the perfect contrast and color.

You wouldn’t have a problem seeing the potholes or logs when you wear these Oakley sunglasses.



If you are looking for polarized sunglasses exclusively for women, then this one by Costa will not disappoint you.

Great for all-day wearing, these premium glasses would prove to be your perfect mountain biking glasses due to their impact-resistant nature.

The glasses are also scratch-proof, making them a highly durable option.

In addition, the glasses have a green mirror which is polarized and hence enhances the contrast and vision of the glasses.

The frames are made of TR-90 material and provide a comfortable fit for the wearer.



Are you looking for award-winning polarized sunglasses with state-of-the-art features? Then, this one from Maui Jim is one you cannot miss!

These sunglasses feature the most advanced technology called polarized plus 2 that provides superior performance in protecting eyes from harmful UV rays while also eliminating glare and enhancing colors.

In addition, the Maui Jim sunglasses help you experience the best mountain biking by offering the true beauty of nature as you ride along the trails, thanks to the patented color boosting technology used by the makers.

The sunglasses possess premium styles, and the makers boast of their incomparable durability.

Go for Maui Jim’s neutral grey lenses for maximum light reduction.

The frame of the sunglasses is metal, has a unique shape which is pretty impressive. The temple material used gives utmost comfort and perfect fit to the wearer.

What’s more? The Maui Jim sunglasses are waterproof and scratch-resistant as well.



If you are a mountain bike rider who craves novelty in everything you do, then X-tiger polarized cycling glasses may be a good fit for you.

With five interchangeable lenses, you can use these glasses for different occasions and activities.

While black color lenses are the polarized one, and two Revo lenses significantly downplays the intensity of light, the yellow lens makes night riding and HD clear lens make low light riding easier.

Now let’s talk about the most exciting part:

"The glasses have a removable lower frame".

So you can either remove the lower bracket or change the color of the lower bracket.

The material used to make the glasses is safe and impact-resistant, extremely light wright, ultra-light, and offers a more precise vision.

It also significantly help with eye strain and protects your eyes from UV rays. The case of these glasses contains a non-slip ear hook and headband, among other accessories, lenses, and frames.



Compare Our 2 Best Choices

Top Choice
Product TOREGE
Feature Ergonomic Design
Lens Tri Acetate Cellulose (TAC) Lens
Frame Material Thermoplastic Material (TR90)
Value For Money
Product RIVBOS
Feature Stylish Design
Lens Tri Acetate Cellulose (TAC) Lens
Frame Material Thermoplastic Material (TR90)

Final Verdict

Are polarized sunglasses suitable for mountain biking? Now you know that there is nothing to worry about if you are planning to buy polarized sunglasses.

The advantages of using polarized sunglasses are many, so do not wait.

Instead, check out the product I have listed above and buy one that most suits your lifestyle and activity.

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Our goal is to help you make an informed choice when it comes to mountain biking.