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I am Rohan, welcome to my website. I am an adventure addict and if you are here probably you too are just like me. As an outdoor junkie I fell in love with mountain biking. Part of the reason for this is because I am from Colorado. I love exploring the mountains and whenever I get some free time, I can be seen biking around, trekking, camping in the woods, or star gazing.

According to me the best way to explore the mighty mountains is through a classy mountain bike. But finding a good mountain bike is not very easy. As I was looking for the latest mountain bike to buy the other day, I found it very cumbersome to decide on which product would be the best for my needs. Even after skijoring the internet, I could not find the reliable resources on the mountain bikes. Hence I decided to setup a trust worth website around mountain biking.

My mission is to bring together all the information related to mountain biking and adventure related information, including:

and Much More!

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